Who is Petey in Severance? Why Was he Fired From Lumon?

‘Severance’ follows Mark Scout, an employee of the Lumon Industries who finds himself at the center of a grave conspiracy. Mark and his colleagues have undergone a process known as “severance” that separates their work and personal memories. While Mark is aware of the producer, all is not what it seems at Lumon. Mark crosses paths with Petey, a former employee of Lumon who could be the key to Mark finding all the answers he seeks. If you are looking for more details about Petey and his past with Lumon, here’s everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Who is Petey in Severance?

Petey is a former employee of Lumon Industries and is introduced in the first episode of the series. He is best friends with Mark at work, and the two shared a good camaraderie. Like Mark, Petey had also undergone the severance process, separating his work-related memories from personal ones. Therefore, Mark and Petey are unaware of each other’s personal lives until the show’s events kick-off.

In the first episode, Petey tracks down Mark and reveals that they are friends. He shares a greeting card with Mark with an address on the back.  At the address, Mark finds Petey and learns about a conspiracy at Lumon. Petey shares that he has unsevered himself. Actor Yul Vazquez essays the role of Petey in the series. Vazquez is a Cuban-American actor who made his TV screen debut in 1992 with an appearance in the horror series ‘Tales from the Crypt.’ His credits include hit films and shows such as ‘Seinfeld,’ ‘Sex and the City,’ and ‘Captain Phillips.’ Vazquez is arguably best known for his performance as Emilio Sheehan in ‘Midnight, Texas.’

Why Was Petey Fired From Lumon?

In the first episode of the series, Mark arrives at work as usual but learns some sad news. Mark’s boss, Ms. Cobel, invites him into her cabin to reveal that Mark is being promoted to Division Head. She further explains that Petey has left the company. Mark is puzzled as Petey is a close friend at work. Moreover, employees do not leave without prior notice. Therefore, the news is shocking for Mark. Mark later finds out that Petey has unsevered himself.

However, because Mark has no recollection of his time with Petey in the outside world, he cannot determine much. During a conversation among the other employees on the severed floor, we learn that employees cannot easily resign from the company. Their resignations are usually not accepted by Human Resources. Moreover, Mark’s superiors refuse to share any details about Petey’s decision to quit, making the matter more confusing. From all the information we know, it is evident that Petey escaped from Lumon, as it is practically impossible to quit the job.

Therefore, Petey neither resigned nor was he fired from Lumon. Petey learned something about Lumon Industries, and the knowledge he possesses is a threat to the company. Therefore, after Petey escaped from Lumon, the company has been trying to find him. As the narrative progresses, it becomes evident that Petey is the key in Mark uncovering the true nature of his job at Lumon.

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