Who is Robin in NCIS? Who Plays Her?

The eighth episode of CBS’ thriller seriesNCIS’ season 20 opens a window to the personal life of Jessica Knight. In the episode, the NCIS team tries to find the man who nearly kills a Navy Admiral. Alden Parker, Timothy McGee, Nick Torres, and Jimmy Palmer try to find out more about the person postponing their thanksgiving plans. Jessica continues to work with them to capture the criminal behind the murder attempt, only to receive a call from Robin. Since the rest of the episode follows Robin’s relationship with Jessica and their concerns, the viewers must be intrigued by the new character. If that’s the case, here’s everything you need to know about her! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who is Robin?

Robin is Jessica Knight’s sister. Ever since their childhood, Jessica and Robin haven’t gotten along. Their troubled relationship was the result of their father and mother’s divorce. The two sisters were forced to choose one of their parents after their separation. The rift between them became severe when Jessica chose her father while Robin decided to be with their mom. The predicament paved the way for their own emotional detachment. Robin eventually started to not care about what Jessica had become and Jessica started to devalue Robin’s choices and decisions. According to the NCIS officer, their brother even started to make sure that the two sisters don’t meet during family functions.

Robin is very different from Jessica as well. While Jessica makes decisions and choices only after contemplating them well, Robin makes the same spontaneously. Because of the same nature, Robin never was involved in a solid relationship or a long-term business venture. Her carefree life and attitude have led her to several fiancés. Even when Charles forms a bond with her, she doesn’t even bother to know about where he is from before getting engaged to him. While Jessica takes her time to form a connection with Jimmy, Robin gets engaged to Charles after knowing him for just two weeks.

Still, Robin doesn’t hate Jessica. She deeply cares about her sister’s approval, which motivates her to arrive in Washington and garner the latter’s approval of her and Charles’ engagement. Robin was devastated when Jessica went to a camp without her and the former’s passwords are connected to her sister as well. Likewise, she is loved by Jessica even though they don’t get along well. Jessica still wears the watch Robin had gifted her before their father and mother’s separation. Their encounter in the eighth episode of the twentieth season paves the way for their reconnection as well.

Who Plays Robin?

Lilan Bowden, known for her performances as Rebecca “Bex” Mack in ‘Andi Mack’ and Amber Kang in ‘Murderville,’ plays Robin. Bowden was born on September 1, 1985, in Castro Valley, California. She did improv while attending Castro Valley High School and performed comedy while attending the University of California, Irvine. After her graduation, she moved to Los Angeles and joined an improvisational and sketch comedy group named Upright Citizens Brigade. Bowden appears in ‘Parks and Recreation’ as Sam Nut as well.

Bowden was a part of the main cast of ‘Filthy Preppy Teens,’ a teen show developed for Fullscreen. The actress also appears in the ninth episode of ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ season 14 as Sara. Her other acting credits include ‘Indebted,’ ‘Future Man,’ ‘Lifeline,’ ‘Love,’ ‘Dice,’ ‘Adam Ruins Everything,’ etc. Bowden is also the director of a short titled ‘Becoming Eddie.’ The actress came out as bisexual in March 2022.

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