Who Kidnapped Grace in Missing? Why? Explained

Written and directed by Will Merrick and Nick Johnson, ‘Missing’ is a thriller film about June Allen, a tech and internet-savvy teenager. However, June’s life takes a drastic turn when her mother, Grace, goes missing under mysterious circumstances. Believing her mother has been abducted, Grace resorts to technology and tries to track her down. As a result, viewers must be looking for answers about who kidnapped Grace and why in ‘Missing.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

James Kidnapped Grace?

In ‘Missing,’ Grace Allen is the mother of June Allen, and actress Nia Long (‘You People‘) essays the role. The opening scene introduces viewers to June, her father, James, and her mother, Grace, while they are on vacation during June’s childhood. However, sometime after the vacation, James dies, leaving Grace to raise June by herself. In the present day, June is an emotionally distant teenager who delves into true crime mysteries. She is supposed to pick up her mother when she returns from her vacation in Cartegena, Colombia. However, Grace never arrives at the airport, sending June on a quest to find her mother.

Initially, June suspects Grace’s new boyfriend, Kevin (Ken Leung of ‘Industry‘), of kidnapping her mother. As June dives deeper into her investigation, she gains access to Kevin’s email account. She learns of Kevin’s criminal past, and he has a history of scamming women for their money under false identities. June traces Kevin’s steps to a rehabilitation center for ex-convicts in Nevada. However, the priest of the center, who claims to know Kevin, assures June that Kevin has reformed and truly loves Grace. Ultimately, the priest named Jimmy is revealed as the actual perpetrator of the events leading to Grace’s disappearance in the film.

Why Did James Kindap Grace?

During the film’s final act, June sees a video of the FBI tracking down Kevin, the primary suspect in her mother’s disappearance. However, Kevin is killed by the FBI despite surrendering himself. As a result, June’s investigation reaches a dead end. Kevin’s death prevents June from uncovering the whereabouts of her mother, Grace. However, she receives a call from Jimmy, who claims to have information about Grace’s location. Jimmy guides June to her family’s vacation house in Nevada, where she meets Jimmy. However, a startling revelation awaits her.

During the climax, June discovers that Jimmy is, in fact, her biological father, James. Thus, the film’s opening scene, which depicts James as a solving father, is completely turned on its head. James reveals that Grace is emotionally unstable, leading to several conflicts between the couple. However, one day, Grace implicated James in a false case and sent him to prison. Later, she started a new life with June, away from him. James inadvertently reveals that he shared a prison cell with Kevin, causing June to believe he is behind the whole ordeal. Grace soon uncovers the truth and exposes James’ lies.

James was a drug addict who domestically abused Grace. With her friend’s help, Grace had James arrested and started a new life with June. However, when James was released from prison, he sought revenge on Grace and searched for her. He recruited Kevin, a man with a history of scamming women, to enter Grace’s life and earn her trust before executing his actual plan. Ultimately, the truth comes out, but James holds Grace and June hostage at the family’s vacation house.

Nonetheless, the mother and daughter work together to take down the monster of a man. Thus, James’ motivation was simply revenge on his wife, as he felt betrayed by her actions. However, Grace was acting to shield her daughter from her father’s monstrosity, going as far as telling June that her father had died from cancer. In the end, June and Grace reunite and overcome the obstacles set in their path by James, becoming closer to each other and helping June emotionally reconnect with her mother.

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