Who Killed Clive Grayson in Monarch? Where Is His Body?

Fox’s ‘Monarch‘ adds a murder mystery twist to the family drama narrative that revolves around the Romans, a family rooted in the country music scene. As the narrative progresses, viewers learn more about the murder mystery that is plaguing the family. The seventh episode of the series reveals that the dead person is none other than Clive Grayson. However, given the non-linear structure of the series, viewers might be confused about certain details about Clive’s death. In that case, here is everything you need to know about Clive’s killer and the whereabouts of his body in ‘Monarch.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Clive Grayson’s Downfall in Monarch

In ‘Monarch,’ Clive Grayson is Nicky Roman’s unfaithful husband. He is an actor by profession and frequently cheats on his wife. However, Nicky continues their marriage for the sake of her children and her career. In the sixth episode of the series, Nicky decides to end her marriage with Clive and kicks him out of the house. As a result, Clive returns to London. However, in the seventh episode, Clive arrives at Nicky’s home and tries to persuade her to reconcile with him. When Nicky refuses, Clive attacks her, and their altercation turns physical.

Gigi arrives on the scene and uses Nicky’s trophy to injure Clive. Later, Nicky calls Albie for help, and he takes away Clive’s body, assuming he is dead. As a result, viewers are led to believe that Gigi killed Clive. However, Clive merely passed out from the injury. When Albie tries to dump Clive, he attacks Albie in the woods. As a result, Albie is forced to kill Clive and shoots him with his shotgun. Thus, Clive is revealed as the mystery dead person first teased in the flash-forward sequences of the series premiere episode.

The Mystery of the Missing Body: Unraveling Clive’s Fate

As the series progresses, the flash-forwards reveal more about the aftermath of Clive’s death. Following Clive’s death, Albie buries his body in the woods. Meanwhile, Luke stages Clive’s car in the woods and makes it look like Clive has disappeared. However, the police spot Albie’s car in the woods and start an investigation. Albie and Nicky burn the evidence linking them to Clive’s death to avoid suspicion and file a missing person’s report. However, the biggest evidence, Clive’s body, mysteriously disappears from the woods. When Albie returns to the grave site to move the body, the grave is dug out, and Clive’s body is missing.

Clive’s missing dead body is the biggest piece of evidence against the Romans. However, its whereabouts remain currently unknown. While Nicky suggests that someone might be trying to help the Romans, Luke insists that the family has more enemies than friends. The arc of Clive’s death starts the theme of the Roman family’s friends turning into foes. As a result, family friend DA Tripp DeWitt could be behind the body’s disappearance.

In the seventh episode, Tripp questions Nicky and Albie about the details of Clive’s disappearance, implying that there is more to the story. Moreover, Tripp also sets up a task force to find Clive. Hence, the long-time family friend could be responsible for removing the body, but not with noble intentions. Ultimately, the revelation of Clive’s death ends one long-standing mystery of the series while opening the door for another one. The disappearance of Clive’s body will continue to be a major plot point as the narrative progresses and will lead the Romans into more danger.

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