Will There be a Who Killed Sara Season 2?

‘Who Killed Sara’ (originally ‘¿Quién Mató a Sara?’ in Spanish) is a Mexican drama mystery written by award winning telenovela writer Jose Ignacio Valenzuela. The show follows Alex Gusman (Manolo Cardona of ‘Narcos’ fame) on his quest for revenge from the powerful Lazcano family for framing him for the murder of his sister. However, pinpointing his sister’s murderer proves more complicated than expected, and soon the story evolves into an all-out murder mystery.

The first Netflix show to be written and created by a Chilean writer, ‘Who Killed Sara’ premiered on the streaming platform in March 2021. Part family drama, part revenge thriller, all held together by a bewildering murder mystery, the show has received favorable critical reviews and has been described as compelling and fast-paced. If you, like us, are hooked on the show and are wondering when we can expect season 2, we’ve got news for you!

Who Killed Sara Season 2 Release Date

‘Who Killed Sara’ season 1 premiered on Netflix on March 24, 2021. All ten episodes of the season were released simultaneously, with each episode being between 35 and 40 minutes long. The show is available across the 190 countries where Netflix is available, something not seen often with Latin small-screen productions of this genre.

The good news is that Netflix has already confirmed a season 2. In fact, season 1 ends with teaser scenes from season 2, which is a clear indication that season 2 has already been shot. It has been confirmed from various sources that ‘Who Killed Sara’ season 2 will release as early as May 19, 2021.

Who Killed Sara Season 2 Cast: Who can be in it?

Mexican actress Ximena Lamadrid essays the character of Sara, the namesake of the show. Manolo Cardona dons the role of her brother and the show’s protagonist Alex. The Lazcano family consists of the patriarch Don Cesar (Ginés García Millán), his wife Mariana (Claudia Ramirez), the older son Jose Maria (Eugenio Siller), younger son Rodolfo (Alejandro Nones), and daughter Elise (Carolina Miranda). Hector Jimenez appears as the trusty family helper and keeper of dark secrets, Elroy.

We can expect the main cast to remain largely unchanged in the second season since even characters that get phased out in the present-day narrative might still show up in the flashback sequences. The only exception to this might be Hector Jimenez, whose character Elroy dies (or is killed?) in the hospital. Marco Zapata will probably return in season 2 to portray Young Elroy.

Who Killed Sara Season 2 Plot: What can it be About?

The ending of season 1 of ‘Who Killed Sara’ is not just a cliffhanger as it increases the scope of the mystery to an entirely different level. Although the story has been a case of murder and motive so far, the season finale reveals the psychological instability that Sara was suffering from, seemingly shifting the tone more towards a psychological thriller. As season 1 comes to a close, we see Don Cesar finally looking upset, as his daughter reveals that she knows of his murderous ways, though he does not look defeated just yet.

Suspicions about Mariana’s motives are also confirmed as we see her attempt to endanger Sara’s life and also most likely kill Elroy, so her secret is not revealed. The relationships of both the Lazcano sons – Jose Maria and Rodolfo, break down as a result of Don Cesar and the chaos surrounding the family. We also finally find out that Alex’s mysterious helper is Sara’s childhood friend Marifer. However, the biggest shockers are Sara’s second diary, which reveals her disturbed mental state and suicidal tendencies, and the piece of paper Alex finds in the diary, which leads him to a corpse buried in his backyard.

In season 2, we can expect the mystery to expand, and the answers to the burning questions may be few and far between. As we have seen, there is a whole side of Sara that has not been presented yet. So Alex himself will have to recalibrate his approach and widen his search a lot more if he hopes to find out the truth about his sister. We can expect him to be helped by Don Cesar’s daughter, Elise, and possibly by Jose Maria’s partner Lorenzo, who we briefly see talking to Alex in the post-credits.

Show creator Valenzuela explained in a recent interview that to pitch a story successfully to an online streaming platform, one must have a story arc that lasts at least 3 seasons and possibly more. Therefore, we can expect the story of ‘Who Killed Sara’ to last at least two more seasons. However, we will have to wait patiently for them and the answers that they bring.

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