Who Ordered the Hit on John Dutton in Yellowstone?

Yellowstone‘ follows the Dutton family patriarch, John Dutton, who tries to navigate various conflicts arising due to his control over the Yellowstone Ranch while preparing his children to carry forward their family’s legacy. The compelling Western drama regularly pits the Duttons against difficult situations and dangerous foes.

The show’s third season comes to a conclusion with a shocking incident that signals the Duttons will be facing a far more nefarious threat, unlike any they have been up against in the past. As the fourth season begins, we are sure fans must be craving to know the identity of the mysterious mastermind who ordered the hit on John Dutton. Here’s everything we know in that regard!

Who Ordered the Hit on John Dutton in Yellowstone?

In the third season finale titled ‘The World is Purple,’ the Dutton family comes under an attack from a group of masked assailants. A group of gunmen opens fire on Kayce at his office while a bomb blast occurs at Beth’s workplace. Some goons also attack the ranch, but the most devastating blow hits John Dutton.

The Dutton patriarch is helping a woman with a flat tire when a blue van stops beside them. A gunman shoots bullets straight into the unsuspecting rancher’s chest. In the season 4 premiere, we see Rip arrives just in time and is able to get John to a hospital. John survives but remains comatose for a few months before waking up, much to the relief of this family. Now, with all the Dutton family members out of danger, their only agenda seems to be getting revenge on those who attacked them.

The fourth season premiere also reveals that a mystery person ordered the hit on John and the rest of his family. The Duttons have no shortage of enemies, but the perpetrator’s identity remains shrouded in mystery for now. A few likely candidates could be behind the attack, and chief among them is Jamie, the adopted son of John.

After learning the truth about his parentage, and experiencing resistance from John about his political ambitions, Jamie’s relationship sours with his adopted family. While that is motivation enough, there are no clues that suggest Jamie actually ordered the hit on the man who raised him. John and Kayce discuss whether Jamie is capable of such an act, but Beth seems to be convinced that Jamie is the perpetrator. Therefore, it is safe to say that the makers at least want the viewers to weigh up the possibility.

Another potential candidate is Thomas Rainwater, the chief of the Broken Rock Reservation and a constant thorn in the Duttons’ path. However, Rainwater tortures one of his casino patrons who helped organize the attack on the Duttons. He fears that the person might try to take his land too and wants to know the mastermind’s identity. It is never explicitly stated whether Rainwater obtains the information, but his actions are enough to strike his name off the suspect list.

The final possible culprit is Market Equities, the shady organization offering to buy the Duttons’ land at a whopping $500 million. However, when John refuses the offer, it is likely that they turn to a more aggressive approach towards obtaining the coveted land. One outside-of-the-box possibility is either of the Beck brothers survived the season 2 finale and returned for revenge against the Duttons. Each potential culprit is an intriguing choice on its own, and we will have to wait to find out the answer.

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