Who Was Peter Dutton in Yellowstone? How Did He Die?

Kevin Costner’s John Dutton III is a part of the Dutton family, whose history dates back over hundred years, in Paramount Network’s Western seriesYellowstone.’ Throughout the five seasons of the show and the prequel show ‘1883,’ the history of John’s family is unraveled. In the fourth episode of the fifth season, Kayce Dutton and his wife Monica Long Dutton bury their late second son John Dutton, named after his grandfather. After the burial ceremony, John tries to console his daughter-in-law by talking about his previously unrevealed brother named Peter Dutton. If you want to know more about him, let us share what we know! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who Was Peter Dutton? How Did He Die?

Since the premiere episode of ‘Yellowstone,’ the family history of John Dutton is gradually revealed. The show offers glimpses of his wife Evelyn Dutton, father John Dutton Jr., great-great-grandfather James Dutton, and great-great-grandmother Margaret Dutton throughout the seasons of the show. The prequel series ‘1883’ details the lives of James Dutton and his family as well. However, the show hasn’t offered any information about Peter Dutton, John’s late brother, until the fourth episode of season 5, primarily because Peter died soon after his birth.

Peter was born prematurely. His heart wasn’t in a favorable condition and the doctors at the time couldn’t do much about the same as well. After his birth, the doctors gave the boy back to John’s mother so that she could spend whatever time he had with his mother. The Duttons tried to save Peter by praying for his life and recovery but those prayers were unanswered and Peter died just eighteen hours after his birth. Peter’s death shattered John’s mother and she and John Dutton Jr. didn’t have any kids after their son’s death. John didn’t talk about Peter to Monica, a mother who lost her son just one hour after his birth, without any reason.

Years after Peter’s death, John Dutton Jr. told his wife that Peter lived a perfect life since the little boy was able to spend all his life with his mother. Although Peter’s lifespan was extremely short, John Dutton Jr. sought comfort in the fact that Peter was never separated from the love, care, and purity of his mother, which is the case with Kayce and Monica’s son as well. John tries to console Monica by expressing how her son also had a perfect life like his brother since he lived an hour he had in the world with his mother, who enveloped him with her love.

Although John is strongly connected to his past and family, he doesn’t usually express or share his vulnerability and emotions concerning the same with others. But as someone who has also lost his son, John knows how hard it is for Monica to deal with her second son’s death. Thus, John tries to help her overcome the grief of her son’s death by explaining how the little boy had a perfect life, making himself vulnerable for a moment by talking about his late brother.

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