Timothy Reynolds Tribute on Yellowstone: From Stockbroker to Stagehand

Image Credit: Tim Reynolds/Facebook

The fifth episode of Paramount Network’s Western series ‘Yellowstone’ season 5 revolves around John Dutton, who prepares for the branding of the cattle. Beth Dutton and Summer Higgins try to resolve their hate towards each other by fighting. Meanwhile, Kayce Dutton joins his father for the branding expedition to distract himself from the haunting memories of his dead son. John makes sure that his obligations as the Governor of Montana will not come between his duties as the custodian of the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. The intriguing episode is dedicated to the loving memory of Timothy Reynolds. If you are wondering who Timothy was and why Yellowstone added his obituary before the episode, you are at the right place!

Who Was Timothy Reynolds?

Timothy “Tim” Reynolds was a technician who worked in ‘Yellowstone’ as an electrician and best boy electric. Born on October 30, 1955, in Salt Lake City, Utah, to Sherman and Ruth Lewis Reynolds, Tim attended Highland High School. Tim became a stockbroker with Main Street Securities but he eventually realized that his passion is to work in the entertainment industry. In 1994, he became a journeyman stagehand as a part of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) Local 99. In 1997, Tim reportedly began his film career by working as an electrician in a TV movie titled ‘Not in This Town.’ He also worked as a technician in the production of films like ‘Meet the Deedles,’ ‘John Carter,’ ‘Don’t Come Knocking,’ etc.

Tim was also a part of the technical crew of several globally renowned films. He worked as a lighting technician in the production of Johnny Depp-starrer ‘The Lone Ranger,’ Mark Wahlberg-starrer ‘Joe Bell,’ Aaron Paul-starrer ‘Need for Speed,’ etc. Tim was an electrician in the sets of ‘Wild Horses’ and ‘The Hollow Point’ and a best boy electric in the sets of ‘Hereditary’ and ‘Nightlight’ as well. Before working in ‘Yellowstone,’ Tim had worked in series co-creator Taylor Sheridan’s film ‘Wind River’ as an electrician. Tim was a part of ‘Yellowstone’ since the first episode of the show. He continued working in the Western drama until the second episode of the fourth season, titled ‘Phantom Pain.’

In addition to films and television shows, Tim has also worked in the productions of concerts and theater productions. He was also a part of the technical crew of the 2002 Winter Olympics, which was held in Salt Lake City, where the electrician was born. Along with working as a technician, Tim also loved exploring the natural attractions of his home state Utah. According to his loved ones, he was also a “river runner, four-wheeler, and dirt biker” as well.

Timothy Reynolds Passed Away in August 2022

Timothy “Tim” Reynolds died on August 24, 2022. His family and friends have chosen not to publicize the cause of Tim’s death. Tim is survived by his sister Shirley Reynolds, step-son Seth Neily and his wife Sierra, daughter Kistina and her husband Sean Pressler, sons Anthony Reynolds, Timothy Reynolds Jr., and Atticus Reynolds, along with several grandsons. “Tim (Senior) was my best friend and a father figure to me. He brought me into Utah with open arms and created so many relationships that created the man I am today. You will be missed so much Timmy. I love you brother,” Caleb Rasak, Tim’s fellow ‘Yellowstone’ electrician, shared in the wake of his death.

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