Why Did Candy Montgomery Kill Betty Gore?

As a dramatic retelling of a case that is as chaotic as it is infamous, Hulu’s ‘Candy’ as well as HBO Max’s ‘Love & Death’ delves deep into Betty Gore’s 1980 death at the hands of Candace “Candy” Montgomery. After all, the latter was accused of slashing her once friend a total of 41 times with a 3-foot-long ax from her own home, which eventually only gave rise to more questions than answers. So now, if you wish to learn more about this matter, more specifically the actual motives behind the Texan housewife and mother of two’s alleged actions, don’t worry; we’ve got the details for you.

The Self-Defense Claim at Trial

Following around ten years of marriage, as per the shows, Candy was tired of facing the pressures of being a woman and essentially doing everything on her own with just a smile on her face. That’s when she decided to have an adventure and find some companionship in the form of an affair, leading her to fellow church member Allan Gore, Betty’s husband, in the late 1970s. Candy and Allan’s liaison lasted from December 1978 to October 1979. Even though Candy had reportedly caught feelings, they split amicably because they knew it’d benefit their respective unions.

However, less than a year later, after Candy went to the Gore residence to pick up a swimsuit for Allan and Betty’s elder daughter — who was staying with her brood for the night — Betty wound up hacked to death. It was undeniably brutal, but the worst part was that their young one, 11-month-old Bethany Gore, was left crying alone in her crib until her mother’s remains were discovered 13 hours later. Allan was actually out of town on this July 13th weekend (Friday), yet he did play a significant role by ultimately contacting the authorities and revealing his past affair with Candy himself.

During her trial, though, Candy successfully argued self-defense instead of a crime of passion owing to both women vying for Allan’s attention (like the prosecutors suggested). As per Candy’s accounts, she engaged in a brief conversation with Betty on that fateful morning before the latter outrightly inquired whether or not she was having an affair with her husband. Candy further claimed that she didn’t want to lie, so she quietly admitted to the fact, adding, “it was a long time ago… Did Allan tell you?” driving her friend to walk out of the room, only to allegedly return with an ax in hand.

According to Candy’s testimony, Betty threatened her never to see Allan again, but since she allegedly had no interest in him anyway, she made it clear to seemingly help them reach an understanding. As if everything was normal, the duo then collected the item Candy had initially come for, that is, until she apologized for her ways by clumsily placing a hand over Allan’s wife’s arm. This small act, Candy claimed, led the school teacher to explode, allegedly shove her backward into the utility room, grab the ax she’d placed by the door, and rush in after her.

The two women struggled for control in the ensuing moments, as per Candy’s narrative, with Betty repeatedly insisting, “You can’t have him” and that she was allegedly going “to kill” her. Candy claimed she managed to get a hold of the weapon and struck just once before attempting to run away. She further stated that chaos occurred when Betty purportedly blocked her path to begin their entire fight again. At one point, Candy asserted, Betty sternly shushed her, which triggered a traumatic memory from her childhood, making her dissociate and bring the ax down on Betty as many times as possible. She was thus acquitted of the first-degree murder charge against her.

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