Why Did Devon Leave Letterkenny? Where is Alexander De Jordy Now?

Crave’s sitcomLetterkenny’ revolves around the lives of the residents of the titular town, most prominently following the adventures of Wayne, Daryl, Katy, and Squirrelly Dan. While the four of them and their friends form the Hicks, the quiet town also becomes the stage of the Skids, the goth outcasts of the town led by Stewart. In the first and second seasons of the show, Devon acts as the second-in-command of the Skids. As one of the closest friends of Stewart, Devon becomes a constant presence in the latter’s life and adventures. However, the character disappears from Letterkenny ahead of the third season of the Hulu show, making the viewers curious about the reason behind the same. Well, here’s what we can share about it!

Why Did Devon Leave Letterkenny?

Devon is introduced as one of the Skids in the premiere episode of the show. As Stewart’s childhood friend, he remains a constant presence in the former’s life and eventually becomes the tech expert of the group. When Stewart considers putting an end to the meth business of the group, it is Devon who tries his best to not let it happen. Stewart eventually decides against doing the same, much to Devon’s rejoicing. The tech expert also creates Fartbook for the town. Considering Devon’s adventures, it isn’t a surprise that the character succeeded in becoming a fan favorite.

Devon disappears from Letterkenny without a reason, explanation, or warning. Even his best buddy Stewart knows about the same only upon Devon’s disappearance after St. Patrick’s Day. Devon’s disappearance paved the way for Alexander De Jordy’s exit from the show. Like Devon, Jordy also left the show without any explanations. Neither Crave nor the creator of the show Jared Keeso revealed the reasons behind the actor’s departure and the conclusion of his character’s arc.

Jordy might have left the show due to creative reasons. The creative heads of the show might have wanted to focus on Stewart and Roald’s dynamics and relationship, which limits the scope of Devon as a character. The considerable screentime Stewart and Roald have in the recent seasons of the show indicates the possibility of the same. If that’s not the case, the actor might have wanted to prioritize other opportunities or commitments.

Where is Alexander De Jordy Now?

After leaving ‘Letterkenny,’ Alexander De Jordy continued to appear in the police procedural show ‘19-2’ as Richard Dulac. He also appears in a short titled ‘Tick,’ directed by Ashlea Wessel and starring Alison Brooks. The actor was also a part of the cast of the horror film ‘Witches in the Woods,’ in which he plays the character named Matty.

Jordy also conceived a web special titled ‘Tame’ AKA ‘Tame (Your Mind),’ in which he discusses several spiritual topics that range from death to forgiveness. “Tame (Your Mind) is conscious entertainment for conscious people: entertainment that reminds you who you want to be, rather than distracts from who you are.  If you feel your entertainment is fun but mindless, and traditional mindfulness is commendable but boring—you’re gonna love Tame,” Jordy described his show. The actor considers his special as a “conscious comedy.”

In addition, Jordy also directed and edited four shorts, which are ‘How to Meditate Like a Writer,’ ‘Don’t Bite the Hand,’ ‘Cheese,’ and ‘Two Homeless Men Make Juice (in LA).’ He also appears as an actor in ‘How to Meditate Like a Writer’ and ‘Don’t Bite the Hand.’

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