Why Did Nate Leave Richmond? Will He and Ted Reconcile in Ted Lasso?

Apple TV+’s ‘Ted Lasso‘ follows the titular American college football coach’s adventures in the world of soccer. Despite lacking knowledge of the sport he is supposed to coach, Ted works hard and builds wholesome relationships with those around him, encouraging them to become better versions of themselves. However, this approach drastically backfires with his assistant coach, Nathan “Nate” Shelly, who leaves AFC Richmond at the end of season 2. With the third season positioning Ted and Nate as rivals for the Premier League trophy, viewers might wonder whether Nate and Ted will reconcile in ‘Ted Lasso’ season 3. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Nate Left Richmond Disgruntled

Nathan “Nate” Shelly is one of the main characters in ‘Ted Lasso’ and actor Nick Mohammed (‘Intelligence‘) essays the role. Initially, Nate is a kit man for AFC Richmond and is bullied by the players. However, things turned around after Ted Lasso’s arrival, instilling a sense of unity among the players. Soon, Nate assists Ted in formulating tactics for the team and is instrumental in the team’s performances on the field. With Ted’s support, Nate tries to overcome his self-identity issues and tries to be more confident. Ted makes Nate his assistant coach near the end of season 1. However, in the second season, Nate starts feeling neglected by Ted, especially after Roy Kent joins the coaching staff.

Soon, Nate behaves passive-aggressively towards Ted. Nonetheless, he garners the media’s acclaim for steering Richmond to a victory against Tottenham Hotspurs after Ted leaves the field due to a panic attack. Meanwhile, incidents at home and Roy deflate Nate’s confidence, and he projects his discontentment on Ted. During their play-off match against Brentford, Nate tears the “Believe” poster in the dressing room to show his disdain for Ted. Later, Nate informs Trent Crimm about Ted’s panic attacks, which Trent, in turn, tells Ted. In the season 2 finale, Nate confronts Ted for abandoning him and leaves Richmond only to join Rupert Mannion’s newly acquired West Ham United. Ultimately, Nate’s falling out with Ted, stemming from his feelings of underappreciation, leads to him leaving Richmond.

Nate and Ted Likely to Reconcile

In season 3, Nate’s explosive exit from AFC Richmond leaves a deep mark on Ted. Moreover, Nate thrives outside Ted’s shadow at West Ham and spares no chance of bad-mouthing his former mentor and team. However, in the fourth episode of season 3, titled ‘Big Week,’ AFC Richmond travels to London Stadium, the home ground of West Ham, for a Premier League clash. Before the game, Nate is nervous about meeting Ted for the first time since he left Richmond. In the episode, Nate tries to apologize to Ted for his behavior, implying he still respects Ted. While Rupert’s arrival prevents Ned from apologizing, he once again tries to make up with Ted after the match despite not shaking hands with Ted after the full-time whistle. Hence, Nate might feel that Ted has moved on from their friendship.

On the other hand, Ted refuses to bad-mouth Nate and praises his former assistant in the media. Moreover, in the first episode, we see Ted adding a Lego figure of Nate to his Richmond Lego set he made with Henry, implying Nate will always have a place at Richmond. However, Ted might feel betrayed by Nate divulging personal information about him to the press. Furthermore, Nate is becoming ruthless, and his success at West Ham, coupled with Rupert corrupting him, could lead to Nate severing any chances of reconciliation between him and Ted. In season 3, Nate seems obsessed with winning, while Ted has always harbored his efforts in relationship building and focuses on helping everyone grow. Hence, it is likely that Nate could feel unfulfilled at West Ham at some point despite the team’s success, paving the way for a reconciliation between him and Ted.

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