Why Did Poseidon Claim Percy Jackson, Explained

In Disney+’s ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians,’ 12-year-old Percy, the titular character, undergoes a monumental shift once he realizes the truth about the magical world and his identity as a demigod. However, the same makes the kid a convenient prey for hidden, bloodthirsty monsters seeking revenge on the gods by harming their children. Consequently, with the help of his apparent Satyr protector, Grover, Percy arrives at Camp Half-Blood, a shielded valley that keeps demigods safe against monsters and outside influence.

Numerous demigods, mostly ranging from kids to older teenagers, reside at the camp in one of the twelve assigned cabins corresponding to the identity of their Olympian parent. Usually, after a kid’s arrival at the camp, their godly parent claims them, which helps the kid understand their origins. However, in Percy’s case, Poseidon’s claim comes days later, compelling viewers to wonder why the God of Sea chose to confirm his relation to the kid at all. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Poseidon Claiming Percy

Although Percy showcases signs of being Poseidon’s son from the start, neither the narrative nor his father allows the kid confirmation of the same. The rapid succession with which everything changes for Percy understandably leaves him a bit confused. Furthermore, the fresh pain of watching his mother die fills him with a raw desperation to find his father, who seems intent on ignoring him. As such, with the help of Luke, another camper and a son of Hermes, Percy tries his hand at numerous skills to evaluate his godly background.

Nevertheless, Percy ends up failing at most tasks, from archery to blacksmithing, effectively confirming his lack of relation to Greek Gods like Apollo and Hephaestus. That is until the camp’s designated bullies, Ares’ kids, led by Clarisse, corner Percy one night, which results in the kids flooding the bathrooms in an attempt at self-preservation. Annabeth Chase, who has been keeping a close eye on Percy, witnesses the same, connecting the dots and crafting a theory.

As such, the next day, when the camp participates in a ruthless game of Capture the Flag, Annabeth utilizes the opportunity to compel Percy’s father to lay his claim. Annabeth purposefully lets Clarisse’s group attack Percy at the lakeside, which leads to the kid sustaining visible injuries by the competition’s end. Afterward, Annabeth pushes the kid into the lake, leading to the magical healing of his wounds.

Since water has an instantaneous healing effect on Percy, his lineage becomes apparent to those around him. For the same reason, Poseidon has no choice but to confirm the obvious truth and claim Percy.

Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades’ Pact and The Master Bolt Theif

Even though Annabeth’s actions play a part in Poseidon’s claim, no demigod could ever force a God to do something they didn’t want to. However, if Poseidon had left Percy unclaimed after the kid showcased his obvious relation to the God of the Sea, he would’ve become an easy target for Poseidon’s enemies. Worse yet, Poseidon seems to have made particularly dangerous enemies as of late.

Although it’s common for other Olympians to parent children upon mortals, the three brothers, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades, had made a pact to refrain from the same. Since the three were the most powerful among all Gods, as Kings of their separate realms, demigods born from their blood were always incredibly powerful as well. Therefore, to ensure no exceptionally strong half-bood emerges, the brothers made a unanimous decision to stop having relations with mortals.

Yet, Percy’s existence is proof that Poseidon has broken the pact. Furthermore, his timing couldn’t have been worse since someone recently stole Zeus’s master lightning bolt. Naturally, Zeus’ suspicions fell on Poseidon, his younger brother, who was often jealous of the other God. For the same reason, Zeus is likely to blame Percy for doing his father’s bidding and stealing the bolt. Therefore, if Poseidon had left Percy unclaimed, it would’ve put a larger target on his back.

However, Poseidon’s claim comes with a catch. Since Zeus and Poseidon are currently in a rivalry over the former’s missing bolt, Poseidon needs his son to unveil the real lighting thief. By doing so, Percy would clear his father’s name from Zeus’ unjust allegations and prevent a war between the two Gods and, subsequently, all of Olympus. Since the Sea God believes Hades to be behind the theft, Percy receives his first quest to retrieve the bolt from the Underworld. Although Percy remains angry at his father and is in no hurry to do him any favors, he accepts the mission, hoping it will help bring back his mother, Sally Jackson.

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