Will Alison Leave Sanditon? Theories

Season 2 of the period drama TV seriesSanditon‘ focuses on protagonist Charlotte Heywood’s return to the titular beachside resort town. While she is still processing the death of her former love Sidney Parker, two new suitors set their eyes upon her and compete to win her heart. Meanwhile, viewers are also introduced to Charlotte’s beautiful younger sister Alison, who accompanies her sister to Sanditon in the hopes of finding her prince charming.

Alison attracts the attention of Captain Carter and Captain Fraser, two handsome young soldiers who arrive in town with their battalion. However, sadly, her hopes get shattered when the man she loves deceives her. As a heartbroken Alison prepares to go away from Sanditon, viewers can’t help but wonder if something or someone might change her mind. Let’s find out more, shall we? SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will Alison Leave Sanditon?

Soon after Alison arrives in Sanditon, she meets Captain William Carter, who saves her from a carriage accident. She gets smitten by his charms and begins courting him. William portrays himself to be a poetic man who gallantly served in the war, but unbeknownst to Alison, he is merely an inexperienced soldier from a privileged background. On the other hand, Captain Declan Fraser is his reserved senior, whom Alison considers rather brash and unlike her type.

Surprisingly, Declan proves to be more suitable for Alison as he secretly loves poetry and is a decorated war hero. William seeks Declan’s help to woo Alison and constantly lies to her about his tastes and experiences. At the same time, Declan also falls for her vivacious nature, but she repeatedly ignores his efforts and continues her romance with William. Alison’s affection and devotion to him increase quickly, despite Charlotte and Georgiana’s warnings to be careful.

Afterward, when Declan finds out about William’s false claims, he implores him to be honest with Alison. When the latter declines, he tries to warn her about her lover’s dishonesty at Lady Denham’s garden party in season 2 episode 4. But Alison takes offense to his blunt words and refuses to believe him. In addition, she rebuffs her sister and Georgiana’s words of caution after they find out William’s truth.

To Declan’s dismay, William takes Alison on a canoe ride and proposes to her. She happily accepts but accidentally falls into the water in excitement. As she cries for help, Declan jumps in and saves her while William quietly watches on. Angry at his cowardice, Alison confronts both men and finally gets to know that everything William told her about himself was a lie. Deeply hurt at the betrayal as well as at Declan for hiding the truth, she breaks ties with both men.

Unable to handle her broken heart, Alison decides to leave Sanditon and go back home, despite Charlotte’s repeated requests. Elsewhere, Declan gets to know about Alison leaving and tells William to stop her. When he refuses, the otherwise shy Declan goes to meet her and apologizes on his colleague’s behalf. He then attempts to convince her to stay in Sanditon and again hints at his feelings for her.

Alison slowly realizes that Declan is not what she thought him to be and that she rather enjoys his company. At the Parkers’ ball, she happily dances with him and rebukes William for his actions. There is a high possibility that she may finally realize Declan’s love for her and begin feeling the same for him, as he meets all her expectations of an ideal man.

Furthermore, he too will try with all his might once more to stop his ladylove and express his feelings for her openly. Since Alison has removed William completely from her life, the chances of her staying back in Sanditon and giving Declan a chance are quite probable. After all, she arrived in town to find her happy ending, so she shall most likely not leave without it.

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