Will Ben and Josie End Up Together in Snowpiercer? Theories

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The second season of TNT’s post-apocalyptic series ‘Snowpiercer’ ends with the startling revelation that Melanie is presumed dead. Melanie’s absence leads Ben, her partner, to pain and loneliness. The engineer struggles hard to overcome the feelings he nurtured for Melanie and begins to miss her in the Snowpiercer upon the pirate train’s reconnection to the main train.

In the fifth episode of season 3, Ben cherishes the company of Josie, who opens up about her life to the engineer. Both of them share intimacy in an impulse, making one wonder about the prospects of seeing them end up together. If you are curious about the same, let us share our thoughts! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will Ben and Josie End Up Together?

The third season of ‘Snowpiercer’ begins with Ben and Josie dealing with their loneliness and feelings individually. While Ben confronts the absence of Melanie, Josie confronts the need of stepping away from Layton’s life due to his commitment towards Zarah and their baby. Layton, who doesn’t wish to separate from his child’s mother, makes it clear to Josie that he cannot part with Zarah to be with her. Josie convinces Layton that she understands him completely. However, her feelings for Layton don’t evaporate that easily.

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Layton’s life with Zarah in a different pathway hurts Josie severely and leads her to loneliness. She encounters Ben as she struggles with solitude. In the engineer, she finds someone as alone and hurt as herself. The pain of love both of them experience makes them compatible. Josie succeeds in realizing the torment Ben is immersed in and she enquires from him about the same. Ben, on the other hand, realizes how isolated Josie is due to Layton’s new life with Zarah. He tries to cheer Josie up and shares time with her to make her fine.

The compatibility Ben and Josie share may pave the way for their eventual togetherness. Upon Liana’s birth, Layton’s life with Zarah is expected to be solidified and his reunion with Josie seems very improbable. Realizing Layton’s predicament, Josie may consider starting a new chapter of her life with Ben. The engineer may also think about the need of accepting and moving on from Melanie as he is preparing to start a new life in New Eden. If Ben succeeds in doing so, a relationship with Josie absolutely makes sense. Leaving the Snowpiercer may also help him leave the memories of Melanie behind to accept Josie as his partner.

Josie getting involved in a love triangle with Ben and Layton is also a possibility. In an interview given in January 2022, Katie McGuinness, who portrays Josie, talked about how Josie’s feelings for Layton are expected to come back to her even if she completely shuts them down. Even if Ben opens a gateway for Josie to begin a new life altogether, Layton’s presence may influence their possible togetherness. Another regrettable mistake from Zarah may provoke Layton to walk away from her to Josie, complicating her potential future with Ben.

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Ben and Josie’s potential union may help them heal the pain and loneliness they suffer individually. They may be able to find a sense of belonging in each other and it may help them move forward from their past. Even though Ben and Josie’s possible togetherness may not satisfy the admirers of Layton, Josie deserves a life where she will be loved and cared for.

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