Will Beth Kill Jamie in Yellowstone? Theories

The fifth season of ‘Yellowstone‘ brews a conflict between John Dutton and his adopted son Jamie Dutton. The Western drama series revolves around the Dutton family’s struggle to keep hold of their ancestral Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. However, the fifth season takes a political turn after John becomes Governor while Jamie tries to use his position as Attorney General to overthrow John.

Beth is also roped into the conflict through her loyalty to John and confronts Jamie in the mid-season finale. The confrontation between the siblings sets the stage for war, and viewers must be wondering if it will lead to Beth doing the unthinkable. If you are wondering whether Beth will kill Jamie in ‘Yellowstone’ season 5, here is everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

What Happens Between Beth and Jamie?

Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) is the daughter of John Dutton III (Kevin Costner) and the sister of John’s adopted son, Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentley). The siblings are at odds with one another for much of the show’s tenure following Jamie’s involvement in Beth’s abortion and eventual infertility. The conflict drives a wedge between Jamie and Beth, and the siblings constantly try to undermine each other. In the fifth season, Jamie Dutton quickly becomes the greatest threat to his family’s Yellowstone Dutton Ranch following his relationship with Sarah Atwood. In season 5, John becomes the Governor of Montana, but Jamie believes his father will destroy their ranch.

On the other hand, Beth blackmails Jamie into obeying John by using the death of Jamie’s biological father, Garrett Randall, against him. Jamie killed Garrett in the season 4 finale after discovering his involvement in the attack on the Duttons. In the eighth episode of the fifth season, titled ‘A Knife and No Coin,’ Jamie announces his decision to impeach John from the Governor’s office on the grounds of John potentially leading the state to bankruptcy. After the news breaks out, Beth confronts Jamie leading and forces him to take the case back. However, Jamie refuses to do so. Moreover, if Beth tells the police about the location of Garrett’s body, it will inadvertently lead to John’s downfall.

Beth’s Dilemma: The Tense Path to Protecting Yellowstone

During her confrontation with Jamie, Beth realizes that Jamie is far gone and won’t stop before he destroys John and their family’s ranch. After Beth returns home, she talks to John and asks him about the “Train Station,” a place where the Duttons bury the enemies they killed. Jamie has buried Garrett’s body in the same spot, making him untouchable. Therefore, the only option left in front of Beth to take down Jamie is to have him killed. Beth expresses the merits of having Jamie killed, but we do not see John’s response.

The eighth episode strongly suggests that if the Duttons want to save their land, they must kill Jamie. Beth has personal reasons to kill Jamie because he is responsible for Beth’s infertility. Nonetheless, Beth has made similar threats to Jamie without acting upon them. Beth’s fearsome personality hints that she can kill Jamie, especially since the siblings have no love to be lost. However, Beth is fueled by a desire to protect her family’s land and her father’s legacy. Therefore, she is likely to deliver on the threat and kill Jamie, proving she is absolutely ready to do anything to protect the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

While we do not see John’s reaction to Beth’s plan, he likely understands the situation’s urgency. However, John is a political figure, and if Jamie is killed, the needle of suspicion will immediately turn to him. Therefore, it is unlikely that he will allow Beth to make such a move. Ultimately, Beth’s plan to kill Jamie might depend on John’s approval and, more importantly, the timing. Before setting up a hit against Jamie, Beth will have to find a way to stop John’s impeachment.

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