Will James Dutton Leave Shea’s Caravan in 1883?

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‘1883’ serves as the origin story of the Dutton family’s Yellowstone Ranch in the Western drama series ‘Yellowstone.’ However, despite being a prequel, ‘1883’ has its distinctive qualities, and the narrative is drastically different from the parent show. As viewers must be aware, the prequel follows John Dutton’s great-grandfather, James Dillard Dutton, who embarks on a quest to find a new home for his family.

On the road, he meets Shea Brennan, and the two are working together on a mutual understanding. However, in recent weeks, viewers have been growing concerned that James will end up separating from Shea’s caravan. If you are looking for insights about the possibility of James and Shea going separate ways, here’s everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Will James Dutton Leave Shea’s Caravan?

In the series premiere episode of ‘1883,’ James Dutton encounters two Pinkerton Agents, Shea Brennan, and Thomas, on his way to Fort Worth, Texas. James is planning on traveling with his family towards the country’s extreme Northwest in hopes of finding a new life and a safe environment. However, the road there is filled with dangers, and James recognizes this soon enough. Therefore, he accepts Shea’s offer to join the elder cowboy’s caravan across the Great Plains. The two have a verbal agreement for helping and protecting each other on the trip. Nonetheless, James insists that he will only cooperate as long as his family’s life isn’t in danger and they are heading in the same direction.

Image Credit: Emerson Miller/Paramount+

In the third episode, Shea and James argue after reaching a river. James suggests circumnavigating the river from the west as it would be the quicker route. However, Shea insists on traveling from the east as it is safer. Eventually, they reach an understanding, and their journey continues. In the fifth episode, James and Shea once again discuss their agreement after Shea asks James to pitch in with some supplies. James agrees on the condition that Shea hires a cook as soon as they get to the nearest town. James’ concerns are legitimate as hunger can break a caravan’s unity and would only mean more danger for his family.

James is very wary of mingling with the immigrants and sets up camp away from the rest of the travelers. His insubordination of Shea’s decisions also suggests that the problems between the duo will be persistent. Hence, if Shea fails to keep his word of hiring a cook, James might part ways with the caravan. Viewers must already know that James and his family eventually settled down in Montana.

In flashback scenes of ‘Yellowstone’ season 4 which takes place in 1893, it is confirmed that James, Margaret, and their son, John, eventually reach Montana. Since Shea’s caravan is heading to Oregon, it is a near certainty that he and James will go their separate way in the future. However, whether they part on amicable terms or under dire circumstances remains to be seen.

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