Will John Disown Jamie Dutton in Yellowstone? Theories

Yellowstone‘ on Paramount Network revolves around the lives of the Duttons, the family who has owned the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch for generations. In the show’s fifth season, John Dutton (Kevin Costner) and his children gather on the ranch for an important annual. However, John’s adopted son, Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentley), is missing from the ensemble. Therefore, Jamie’s absence raises questions about his place in the family and his status as John’s son. If you are wondering whether John has disowned Jamie in ‘Yellowstone,’ here is everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

What Happens Between John and Jamie?

Jamie Dutton is the adopted son of John Dutton III (Kevin Costner). John and his wife, Evelyn, adopted Jamie as a baby after his biological father, Garrett Randall, killed his mother and went to prison. Eventually, John told Jamie the truth about his parentage in the third season. As a result, Jamie meets his biological father, who starts manipulating him to work against the Duttons. In the fourth season, Jamie buys his own ranch and lives with Garrett breaking ties with the Duttons.

Later, Jamie tries to run for Governor in opposition to John Dutton. However, his plans are squashed, and he learns the truth about Garrett. In the fifth season, Jamie continues to work with John, now the Governor of Montana. Jamie is a part of John’s inner council, and the Dutton patriarch seems to value Jamie in a professional capacity. However, John no longer seems to consider Jamie as his son. In the fifth episode of season 5, John refers to Kayce as his only son alive. Hence, it is implied that Jamie is not a part of the Dutton family, even though he still carries the family’s name.

Jamie’s Actions Fuel the Fire

Starting with the third season, John Dutton and Jamie Dutton start clashing over several issues. Jamie believes that John merely sees him as a pawn and does not support his political ambitions. On the other hand, John insists that he loves Jamie. Despite Jamie not being a biological Dutton, John considers him a son and reiterates the same in the fourth season. However, in the fifth season, these feelings seem to have subsided. Jamie is also responsible for leasing John’s land to Market Equities. The lease agreement opens a pandora’s box of issues for the Duttons to deal with. However, Jamie only intends to save the ranch with this move.

Jamie’s actions do not sit well with John, creating a rift between the son and father. Furthermore, Garrett exploits this rift and completely detaches Jamie from John. Hence, it is safe to say that Jamie is the first one to cut ties with his family. John hasn’t officially disowned Jamie, and he still seems to be a part of the Dutton family, at least on paper. John Dutton’s net worth is attached to his property, the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, which he cannot sell because of his promise to his father.

However, in the third season, when Market Equities makes a multi-million dollar offer to buy the ranch, Jamie tries to convince John to sell the property. Hence, it is evident that there is an ideological difference between John and Jamie. John likely fears Jamie could try to sell the ranch in the future, leading to John disowning Jamie. Moreover, it was Jamie who leased the land to the Market Equities. Hence, by legally disowning Jamie, John could easily render the lease agreement invalid. However, only time will tell if John will disown Jamie or if the father and son will find a way to reconcile.

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