Will Marjan Return to Station 126? Is Natacha Karam Leaving 9-1-1: Lone Star?

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The fourth season of FOX’s action series ‘9-1-1: Lone Star’ is nothing but an enthralling installment of the procedural drama. From Captain Owen Strand’s undercover mission to Carlos Reyes’ revelation that he is already married, the narrative developments in the season have succeeded in captivating the viewers. But nothing was more moving than seeing Marjan Marwani leaving Station 126, bidding her adieu to her “family.”

Ever since Marjan has left the fire station, the viewers must have been wondering whether she will return to her “home.” Since the ninth episode of the series concludes with the firefighter ending up at a hospital after a life-threatening injury, admirers of the show may also want to know whether we are seeing the last of Natacha Karam in the procedural drama. Well, let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will Marjan Return to Station 126?

Yes, Marjan will return to Station 126. Marjan leaves the fire station as she takes a stand to not promote the GoFundMe campaign of a couple who lodges a complaint against her. She posts a video of her explaining the predicament on her social media handles, which forces the couple to retract their complaint. Marjan gets cleared to continue working at Station 126. In the ninth episode of the fourth season, she kills Grant, who tries to kill her for saving his partner Kiley from him. Before killing him, Marjan gets shot in her abdomen. She is found in the woods by Owen, Judd Ryder, and her best friend Paul Strickland, who take her to a hospital before she bleeds to death.

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After surgery, Marjan manages to stay away from death. She is expected to return to Station 126 soon but we may not see her participating in the emergency interventions just yet. “Well, as has happened before, she [Marjan] gets put on desk duty and is doing paperwork — and she gets jealous of everyone else. She ends up being quite a micromanager of the firehouse, and the way that things are running in there in order to feel like she has some kind of control over something,” Natacha Karam told EW about Marjan’s return to Station 126.

Ultimately, Marjan will join her colleagues to help people in the wake of emergencies. She decides to return to the station after realizing that helping people is her true calling and Marjan will continue to do so. “She [Marjan] is back, she’s sassy, she’s in charge again… You will get to see her back out in the field 100 percent,” Karam told TV Insider about Marjan’s eventual return to emergency calls.

Is Natacha Karam Leaving 9-1-1: Lone Star?

Since Marjan is returning to Station 126, Natacha Karam most likely will not be leaving ‘9-1-1: Lone Star.’ When Karam announced her departure from the series earlier this season, she made it clear that her exit from the procedural drama is temporary. When Marjan returns to Station 126, we can conclude that Karam will be staying in the series for good. Her character is an integral part of the rest of the fourth season as the upcoming episodes are expected to follow her desk duties and physical therapy. The actress had also teased the introduction of a new character in her storyline.

“[…] she [Marjan] is doing paperwork. She’s doing paperwork for a while. She can’t go out on calls just yet, but there’s physical therapy. You will meet a physical therapist later in the season and see the work that she’s doing to heal. The injuries don’t get erased. You do have to see her work hard to get back to full form,” Karam said in the same TV Insider interview. “She wants to be over and done with physical therapy. But it’s a nice storyline, what happens with her feeling empowered again and knowing that she truly is where she’s supposed to be, and as a woman of faith, for her, that’s so important that she’s in line with her purpose,” the actress added.

Considering these upcoming storylines, we believe that Karam will continue to feature extensively in ‘9-1-1: Lone Star.’ We can be hopeful that she will complete her physical recovery soon to be back on calls.

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