Will Ryan and Colby Get Arrested? Are Ian Bohen & Denim Richards Leaving Yellowstone?

The fifth season of Paramount Network’s Western seriesYellowstone’ begins with John Dutton assuming the office of the Governor of Montana. As he gets engaged with his official obligations, Rip Wheeler steps up to run the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. Rip notices that the ranch’s cattle are getting killed by wolves. The actions he supervises concerning the same pave the way for severe complications and concerns. In the fourth episode of the fifth season, rangers of Yellowstone National Park meet John, alarming the viewers concerning the fates of Ryan and Colby, who are severely involved in the predicament. If you are interested in the future of the two loved characters, you are at the right place! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will Ryan and Colby Get Arrested?

When Rip finds out that the ranch’s cattle are getting killed by wolves, he instructs Ryan and Colby to kill them. In the second episode of the fifth season, Ryan and Colby shoot down multiple wolves who enter the ranch. However, they notice that the wolves belong to Yellowstone National Park only after killing the animals. To avoid their arrests, they inform Rip about the same. Rip removes the GPS tags of the wolves, puts them in logs, and leaves them in the nearby creek to flow away. Still, the rangers of the National Park discover the logs and tags.

Upon inspecting the tracks of the wolves, the rangers find out that the animals entered the Dutton Ranch before they flowed through the creek. In the fourth episode of the fifth season, the rangers meet John and explain what might have happened, which isn’t any different from the truth. As the rangers inform John about the unavoidable investigation concerning the same, Ryan and Colby’s future may get threatened. However, they may not get necessarily arrested. First of all, the predicament is more severe than something that involves two ranch hands.

Since the authorities believe that the wolves are killed in the ranch that belongs to the Governor, John’s credibility and reputation are expected to get affected and the predicament may become politically significant. Market Equities may even use it against John. If that’s the case, nobody may care about Ryan and Colby, who are just two insignificant ranch hands in the grand scheme of affairs. Furthermore, John may try his best to avoid any follow-up on the issue. John facilitating the release of Summer Higgins, to add her as an environmentalist to his team, indicate that John wants to settle this predicament as soon as possible.

John knows that Ryan and Colby’s possible arrests will tarnish his reputation and that’s the last thing he wants as he deals with a potent threat to protect his ranch. In addition, Rip may not want to see his ranch hands getting arrested. He knows that Ryan and Colby were just following his orders, which may instigate him to protect them. Having said that, there is a possibility that Ryan and Colby will sacrifice themselves for protecting John if the Governor runs out of options to deal with the issue. Does that mean Ian Bohen and Denim Richards are leaving the show? Let’s find out.

Are Ian Bohen and Denim Richards Leaving Yellowstone?

As of yet, neither Ian Bohen nor Denim Richards has released a statement concerning their departures from ‘Yellowstone.’ In addition, Paramount Network also hasn’t formally announced the exit of the two loved performers, indicating that the two actors are most likely not leaving the Western drama anytime soon. As already mentioned, the narrative development regarding the dead wolves concerns John more than the two ranch hands. Since the Governor and Rip are expected to protect Ryan and Colby, they are expected to remain in Yellowstone.

Even if Ryan and Colby consider turning themselves in for the sake of John, the Dutton patriarch is wise enough to know that the arrests of two ranch hands who belong to Yellowstone will considerably affect his reputation. Thus, the Governor may try to put an end to the predicament using his influences, contacts, and the expertise of Summer Higgins before it gets exploded. Considering the same, Ryan and Colby may remain in the bunkhouse for the remainder of the fifth season.

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