Willow Episode 3 Recap and Ending, Explained: Is Silas Dead?

Based on and the sequel to the 1988 namesake film, the Disney+ fantasy adventure series ‘Willow’ brings back the titular Newlyn sorcerer (Warwick Davis), as he once more must protect Elora Danan (Ellie Bamber), the child with the mark of prophecy, this time with the help of the children of Madmartigan and Sorsha. In episode 3, titled ‘The Battle of The Slaughtered Lamb,’ Willow and his companions race against time to rescue Elora from the clutches of the possessed Commander Ballantine (Ralph Ineson) and his men. Here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Willow’ episode 3. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Willow Episode 3 Recap

As the rest of the questing party discover that Elora is gone, they spread out and look for the girl. Kit (Ruby Cruz), the Princess of Tir Asleen and the daughter of Madmartigan and Sorsha, discovers the huckleberry tree that has sprouted up because of the other girl’s magic and realizes that Dove / Brünhilde is indeed Elora Danan. Willow and the rest of the group eventually encounter Ballantine and his men, and a fight ensues between the two groups. Willow tries to confuse the other group by using smoke, but it allows Ballantine and his people to escape with Elora.

As our heroes follow, they come face to face with a “noxious twilight veil.’ According to Willow, it’s a swirling vortex of rage and madness that nothing can escape. He explains to his companions that the Crone doesn’t want to kill Elora because she will be reborn after that. Instead, the Crone wishes to banish her from the world so they can imprison her. The vortex was created to serve as a door between the worlds.

Graydon (Tony Revolori) may not be a great warrior, proven again during the skirmish mentioned above, but he once more shows what a great scholar he is by demonstrating his knowledge of the cursed Pnakotic language.

Meanwhile, Kit finds out that Jade (Erin Kellyman) has been purposefully losing to her all this time on Sorsha’s orders. Sorsha apparently instructed Jade to befriend Kit, but she grew to genuinely like the princess as time passed. As Kit struggles to figure out what this means for her, Elora escapes from her captors and runs into these two woodswomen — Hubert and Anne — dressed mysteriously in what looks like modern-day lumberjack attire. The two women swear their fealties to Elora upon learning her identity, but Ballantine and his people seemingly kill them.

After arriving at a crossroads, Thraxus Boorman (Amar Chadha-Patel) insists they should take the more dangerous one of the two roads ahead. Furious because of Jade’s revelations, Kit suggests the group should split up, which they do. Boorman leads Kit to where he claims an inn named The Slaughtered Lamb used to be. However, when they arrive, Kit discovers that it’s a graveyard. After convincing a skeptical Kit to stay by telling her that the owner of The Slaughtered Lamb was a friend of Madmartigan, Boorman climbs down into a well to retrieve the very thing he has come here to find — the key to the Kymerian Cuirass, which is revealed to be an armor with magical components. Even though he finds the thing, Boorman tells Kit he didn’t.

Willow Episode 3 Ending: Is Silas Dead?

Portrayed by Graham Hughes, Silas is an important supporting character in ‘Willow.’ He is the titular character’s best friend and joins Willow and the remaining questers on their journey to rescue Kit’s brother Airk. It becomes evident that Silas is the more rational and level-headed of the two Newlyns. While Willow deals with prophecies and visions, Silas ensures that their wagon keeps moving.

While Kit and Boorman are underground, Ballantine and his people arrive at the graveyard with Elora, with Willow and the rest catching up with them after figuring out where they are heading. The Battle of the Slaughtered Lamb subsequently begins. Even though Boorman and Kit join the fight, it’s not enough to turn the tide. Silas is fatally wounded, prompting Willow to use the magic he has saved up. He manages to banish the evil possessing Ballantine and his men. Close to his death, Ballantine asks Jade, the girl he virtually raised, to kill him, and a heartbroken Jade obliges.

When Willow finds Silas, he tries to heal his friend, but the other Newlyn advises him to preserve his magic before dying as well, becoming the second member of the quest to die after Jørgen Kase.

What Is Nockmaar? Why Is Willow Afraid of Visiting the Place?

Toward the end of the episode, it becomes clear that the possessed Ballantine was heading toward Nockmaar, the seat of power of Queen Bavmorda, the main antagonist of the first film and Sorsha’s mother.

In the expanded ‘Willow’ universe, much of which may no longer be canon, Nockmaar is a region located in the western continent of the world (nameless in the film, but in the associated book, it is called the Mother World). At the dawn of time, an evil and ancient race called the Malevoiy ruled over the world from their mightiest stronghold in Nockmaar. After the Malevoiy, Nockmaar was controlled by groups of Daikini (humans) nomads before Bavmorda took over.

Willow is reluctant to go near the Nockmaar Castle because this is where his climactic battle with Bavmorda took place, during which he tricked the demon queen and banished her from the world. While Willow and his friends won the war, the experience was still quite traumatic. Moreover, the fact that Ballantine was taking Elora to Nockmaar denotes some of Bavmorda’s power still remains in the world and can influence people to do things they will not otherwise.

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