Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 8 Recap: A Knife and No Coin

Paramount Network’s ‘Yellowstone‘ reaches the mid-point of its fifth season with some significant shakeups. While Kayce and Monica return to the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, Rip and company depart to Texas for their new assignment. Meanwhile, John Dutton’s political career receives a major blow after Jamie Dutton strikes against his adoptive father. The lines are clearly drawn, and the war for control of not just the Yellowstone Ranch but the fate of Montana is about to begin. If you wish to catch up on the mid-season finale, here is everything that goes down in ‘Yellowstone’ season 5 episode 8! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 8 Recap

The eighth episode, titled ‘A Knife and No Coin,’ opens with a flashback that depicts Young Rip and Young Lloyd disposing of the dead body of Rowdy. On the drive back to the Yellowstone Ranch, Young John Dutton asks to Rip why he attacked Rowdy after he spoke ill of Beth. As a result, Rip is forced to reveal his feelings for Beh. However, John warns Rip only to fight to protect the Yellowstone Ranch or a Dutton. Therefore, John decides Rip is worthy of the Yellowstone brand, and the young boy swears his loyalty to the Duttons.

Meanwhile, in the present, we move to Texas, where Jimmy is living with his fiancee, Emily. After spending the morning with Emily, Jimmy works at the Four Sixes Ranch and completes his daily tasks. In the evening, Jimmy and Emily reunite and spend some time together. At the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, Rip and his group prepare to take the infected cattle to Texas. On the other hand, John talks to Monica and asks her if she and Kayce would like to move into the East Camp house, as he needs Kayce’s help to run the ranch. Monica agrees and thanks John for his support.

Soon, Rip and company depart for Texas. Rip bids farewell to Beth, while Colby becomes emotional when Teeter leaves. John attends Chief Rainwater’s rally alongside Senator Perry. John extends his support for Rainwater. He criticizes the President’s decision to build a gas pipeline through the Broken Rock Reservation, and Jamie makes his move. The Attorney General publically announces the process of impeachment of Governor John Dutton for his selfish actions in office.

The news of John’s potential impeachment breaks at the rally, and John is forced to exit early. Clara researches the claims against John and discovers Jamie’s argument for impeachment is mere conjecture since Market Equities is yet to file a lawsuit against the state of Montana. Nonetheless, John believes that the damage has already been done. At the ranch, Monica speaks with Kayce and encourages him to help John run the ranch in Rip’s absence. She expresses that moving into a new house will help her deal with the loss of their child and make a fresh start. Although Kayce is troubled by his visions, he agrees to move to the East Camp for Monica’s sake.

Beth learns about Jamie’s public announcement to impeach John through Summer. At his home, Jamie and Sarah Atwood are plotting their next move when Beth shows up to confront her adopted brother. Beth attacks Jamie and asks him to resign as the Attorney General. When Jamie refuses, Beth threats to tell the police where he buried Garrett Randall’s dead body. However, Beth is shocked to learn that the body is buried in the same place where John has disposed of his enemies over the years. As a result, Beth is forced to retreat but warns Jamie that he has started a war with the Duttons.

Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 8 Ending: Will Jamie and Beth Become Enemies?

In the episode’s final act, Beth and Jamie have an explosive argument following Jamie’s move against John. When Beth realizes that exposing Jamie’s involvement in Garrett’s death will create further problems for John, she is forced to back down. However, with just one move, Jamie has clearly made himself an enemy of the Duttons. Moreover, Jamie himself is okay with his stance and stands against the Duttons with the help of Sarah Atwood.

Beth returns to the log cabin and has a private conversation with Beth. After John explains the truth about the train station, Beth realizes that Jamie will become unstoppable because of the information he has. Therefore, Beth deduces that the only way to stop Jamie is to have him killed. Beth suggests the same to John, implying that she sees Jamie as an enemy.

Meanwhile, Jamie and Sarah discuss their next move, and Jamie fears what Beth will do next. Jamie anticipates that Beth will try to have him killed. Therefore, he asks for Sarah’s help in handling the situation. When Sarah suggests hiring a security team, Jamie explains that he wants to play offense, not defense. As a result, it is evident that Jamie wants to kill Beth before she has the chance to execute a hit on him. Sarah agrees to help Jamie as she has contacts with professional hitmen in Virginia and New York. Thus, Jamie also sees Beth as a major threat and wants to neutralize her as soon as possible.

Ultimately, the episode’s ending signals Jamie Dutton’s transformation into the antithesis of John Dutton. He goes down the path of villainy and opposes his own family. However, Jamie’s heel turn comes from his perspective of John being the greatest threat to the Yellowstone Ranch. Conversely, Beth believes that Jamie is the biggest threat to the Duttons at present. Therefore, the two sides will face off against each other in a head-on battle when the show’s fifth season returns for the remainder of its extended fourteen-episode season.

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