Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 7 Recap and Ending, Explained

Paramount Network’s ‘Yellowstone‘ season 5 sees John Dutton becoming the Governor of Montana. However, after John deals with Market Equities and nullifies their threat to his property, he faces new challenges. In the seventh episode, titled ‘The Dream Is Not Me,’ John discovers that his cattle have a deadly disease that could wipe away his income for an entire year. As John struggles to find a solution to this problem, Jamie Dutton formulates a new plan to get back at his adoptive father. If you wish to learn more about Jamie’s plan, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Yellowstone’ season 5 episode 7! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 7 Recap

The seventh episode, titled ‘The Dream Is Not Me,’ opens with a flashback showing Young Rip and Rowdy looking for wolves in the pastures. At night, Rowdy makes obscene comments about Beth, enraging Rip. As a result, a fight ensues between the two, and Rip overpowers Rowdy. In the end, Rip stabs Rowdy with a knife, and he succumbs to his injuries. Rip reveals the truth to John Dutton, and the latter demands Rip’s loyalty in exchange for covering up the murder. Rip promises to always care for the ranch.

In the present, Jamie tells Sarah Atwood about his relationship with his adopted father, John Dutton (Kevin Costner). Jamie explains that he loves the Yellowstone Ranch, leading to a desire to be a cowboy. However, John forced him to become a lawyer. As a result, Jamie develops resentment toward John. Nonetheless, Jamie insists he wants to save the ranch but sees no economic future for the business. Sarah explains that the ranching business in the USA will die in the next few decades, and tourism is the only resource Montana can rely on for an income. Hence, Sarah encourages Jamie to support Market Equities and their real estate projects in the region.

On the Yellowstone Ranch, the Duttons and the ranch hands prepare for another day of cattle branding. Beth and Monica have a conversation, and Beth expresses her condolences for Monica’s dead baby. Meanwhile, Chairman Thomas Rainwater meets Senator Lynelle Perry. The latter reveals that the President has approved two gas pipelines running through the Broken Rock Reservation. Perry states that she will be opposing the decision, and Rainwater convinces her to support his claim to the Chairman’s position to fight the pipeline plans. Back at the ranch, Summer helps with the branding and learns about the ranching lifestyle.

While riding in the pastures, John, Rip, and the others discover several stillborn buffalo calves. As a result, John realizes that the herd has brucellosis. Therefore, John must separate the cattle from the rest of the herd to prevent the disease from spreading. Hence, he decides to lease land away from the ranch and hold the cattle on the property for a year to treat the disease. Rip offers to take charge and prepares to take the cattle away from the ranch. He recruits Ryan, Walker, Teeter, and Jake to accompany him while entrusting Lloyd with managing the ranch.

John tells Beth about his plan to move the cattle away from the ranch. However, when Beth does the math, she realizes that the Duttons can not afford to ease the land for a year. Moreover, John also cannot sell the buffalos as it would prevent him from having an income next year. Therefore, Beth searches for an alternate solution. Meanwhile, John makes arrangements for Rip and the others to take the cattle to a ranch in Texas. Beth learns that the Four Sixes Ranch in Texas sells its own beef and makes a large profit. Therefore, she suggests that John get a loan to start a meat manufacturing plant.

Rip, and the ranch hands attend the local county fair before they move away for over a year. At the county fair, Kayce and Monica discuss their future. Meanwhile, Rip tells Beth about his departure, and she decides to join Rip to be with her husband. John attends the county fair with Summer, who now understands the Dutton family’s way of life. Therefore, she suggests John open up his ranch to more people so they can understand his point of view. Ryan and Abby break up after the former tell the singer about his departure to Texas.

Yellowstone Season 5 Episode 7 Ending: What Is Jamie’s Plan?

In the episode, Sarah Atwood and Ellis Steele meet Jamie Dutton in his office. Ellis reveals that John has placed the Yellowstone Ranch in a land trust and given its responsibility to an environmental group giving it the designation of nature reservation. The land was previously leased to Marlet Equities by Jamie. However, John placing the ranch on a reservation means that the corporate entity cannot use the land for any type of construction. Since the land is important to Market Equities, the company wants Jamie to overturn the easement with his position as the Attorney General.

After Jamie loses his cool, Sarah speaks to him privately. She suggests that John’s actions will lead to a lawsuit against not just the Duttons but the state of Montana. As a result, the state could lose billions of dollars in lawsuits, largely affecting the state’s economy and financial strength. Hence, Sarah suggests that Jamie use the situation to get John impeached as the Governor.

In the episode’s final moments, Jamie realizes the merits of Sarah’s suggestions. As a result, he prepares to present an argument to the court claiming that John’s actions have affected the state’s potential income and could jeopardize all citizens’ living standards. Therefore, John must resign, leading to an emergency election that Jamie hopes to win. Moreover, with his hand in exposing John’s shortcomings as a Governor, the public will likely vote for Jamie, making him the next Governor of Montana. However, whether Jamie’s plan succeeds remains to be seen.

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