Who is Rowdy in Yellowstone? Who Plays Him?

Bethany “Beth” Dutton and Rip Wheeler form arguably the most intricate couple in Paramount Network’s Western seriesYellowstone.’ Beth, as a girl, had an abortion after getting pregnant with Rip’s child. Eventually, they form an endearing bond, which even leads them to their wedding in the fourth season finale. In the fifth season premiere, Beth thinks about her and Rip’s past, specifically a night when she tried to offend him. Intrigued by the flashback sequences, we have explored the character Rowdy, who plays an integral part in the same sequences. So, who is the new character? Who plays him? Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

 Rowdy’s Rivalry with a Young Rip

Rowdy was a ranch hand who worked in the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch while Rip and Beth were in their teenage years. Rowdy looked after Rip and had the latter’s back when Rip was getting affected by Beth’s actions. The ranch hand even warned Rip about how being with Beth may not be a good thing for him. In the fifth season premiere, Rip went on a date with Beth, only to return to the ranch upon getting offended by Beth’s behavior towards the bartender. When Rowdy saw that Rip was walking back to the ranch alone, he let the latter drive a truck to Yellowstone to avoid the same.

Although Rowdy tried to protect Rip, he also unintentionally hurt the latter severely. After letting Rip return to the ranch in a truck, Rowdy became Beth’s chauffeur for the night. When Beth saw Rip, she started to make out with Rowdy to infuriate him. Rowdy, in the meantime, didn’t try to stop her either. They might have had a brief fling before she left for college. In the upcoming episodes of the fifth season, we may see how Rowdy likely became an unpleasant sight in Rip’s life due to the connection he formed with Beth.

Since Rowdy is not one of the ranch hands working at Yellowstone at the present time, he might have either left the ranch or died. If he had a casual relationship with Beth, it might have even become a scandal for her father John Dutton to intervene. If that’s the case, even his untimely death cannot be ruled out.

Kai Caster Plays Rowdy

Kai Caster, known for his performance as William Banks in ‘American Horror Story,’ plays Rowdy. Born on July 13, 1999, Caster made his television debut at the age of eight in 2007 with his performance in a TV movie titled ‘Backyards & Bullets.’ In 2011, he appears in an episode of CBS’ crime series ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.’ Caster also plays Dirk Bennett in ‘The Baxters,’ Gabe Lockhart in ‘Magnum P.I.,’ Henry and Jimmy Fitzroy in ‘A Girl Named Jo,’ Seth in ‘Shameless,’ Caleb in ‘House of Lies,’ etc. Caster is also a musician and released two singles, titled “PCH” and “No more Parties,” in 2020.

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