Yellowstone Season 4 Finale Recap and Ending, Explained

Yellowstone‘ season 4 sees many of the main characters dealing with various conflicts that place them at a crossroads in life. Each of the Dutton family members has their own tough choices to make as the fourth season arrives at its conclusion. The characters’ decisions drastically change the show’s dynamics and deliver a fulfilling season finale with many emotional moments, twists, and answers.

However, not all the storylines are entirely resolved, and the futures of some characters remain shrouded in mystery. If you are looking for clarification about the same, here’s everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Yellowstone’ season 4 episode 10! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Yellowstone Season 4 Finale Recap

The tenth and final episode of season 4 is titled ‘Grass on the Streets and Weeds on the Rooftops.’ It opens with Beth preparing to leave the ranch, but Rip convinces her to speak with John. Beth apologizes to John and gets her father’s permission to remain on the ranch. She begins planning to murder Riggins in jail. Elsewhere, Kayce has some disturbing dreams involving his dead brother, Lee, and Avery.

Back on the ranch, Mia is hanging out with the bunkhouse bunch, and Jimmy arrives from Texas. He introduces Emily as his fiance, and the two women end up in a brawl. Jimmy and Mia have a heated argument about their relationship. Jimmy points out that Mia failed to reassure him, and he has moved on. Jimmy impresses everyone at the ranch with his new cowboying skills. Jimmy and John have a conversation about Jimmy’s future, with John affirming that the choice is Jimmy’s to make. Jimmy decides to return to Texas with Emily.

John speaks to Judge Mitchell Davis about Summer’s case, who makes no promises about the sentencing. At the hearing, Summer is sentenced to a fifteen-year suspended sentence. However, John later convinces Mitch to hear an appeal and drop the felony charges. Beth learns from Riggins about Jamie’s connection to the attacks on the Duttons. Before confronting Jamie, Beth marries Rip in an impromptu ceremony at the ranch. Jimmy says his farewell to the Yellowstone Ranch. In the closing moments, Beth heads to kill Jamie and is prepared to end up in prison for the crime.

Yellowstone Season 4 Finale Ending: What’s the Third Option Beth Gives Jamie?

In the episode’s final act, Beth meets with Jamie at his office. She questions him about his connection to Riggins and believes that Jamie was behind the attacks. However, Jamie confesses that the hit was Garrett’s doing. After learning the truth, Beth provides Jamie with two options, both of which will eventually lead to his death. However, Jamie begs for his life, and Beth decides to give Jamie a third option. It is implied that Jamie agrees to the third option.

Towards the episode’s end, Jamie has a conversation with Garrett, following which he shoots his biological father. He takes the dead body to dump it off a cliff. However, Beth catches him in the act and takes a picture. Beth promises Jamie that the third option will be worse than the first two. Thus, it is confirmed that the third option was for Jamie to kill Garrett. It is clear that Beth plans on blackmailing Jamie and the picture is proof of the same.

At first glance, it appears as though Jamie killed his father to save his own life. While that might be partially true, Jamie’s final conversation with Garrett mirrors Beth’s warnings to Jamie. She insists that Garrett only wants the Duttons’ land and does not actually love Jamie. In the end, Jamie is able to see through Garrett’s manipulation and kills him. With Garrett out of the picture, Jamie could reconcile with John in the future.

Will Kayce and Monica’s Marriage End?

Kayce’s story in the fourth season takes an unexpected turn in the ninth episode when we learn of a spiritual angle to his frequent wolf sightings. On Chief Rainwater and Mo’s advice, Kayce prepares to spend days on a cliff in hopes of receiving a vision that will indicate his purpose in life. After some distressing dreams, Kayce finally sees the wolf in its human form as a woman. During this vision, Kayce and the woman are standing at the cliff’s edge with two paths in front of them. Kayce must pick one path, but the episode never reveals what either of the routes entails. However, the wolf promises to help Kayce walk the path he chooses.

In the end, Kayce returns to his family. Monica asks Kayce what he saw in his vision, and Kayce replies that he saw the end of their relationship. The revelation is confusing for the couple and viewers, as things are finally getting back on track for Kayce and Monica’s marriage. The answer to the couple’s fate could lie in Kayce’s dreams. His dream about Lee could signify Kayce’s connection to his family, while the dream about Avery hints at Kayce cheating on Monica. Either factor could put a strain on the couple’s relationship. Moreover, the path that Kayce chooses could be the reason for the couple’s separation. With the spiritual revelation coming on the heels of Monica’s pregnancy, turbulent times lie ahead for the couple.

Where Did Jimmy Go?

Season 4 has been a journey of self-discovery for Jimmy, whose time in Texas has certainly helped the young man become a real cowboy. However, Jimmy’s loyalty is still tied to the Yellowstone Ranch, but his destiny lies elsewhere. After John allows Jimmy to find his own path in life, Jimmy decides to leave the Yellowstone Ranch.

Although he is heading back to Texas with Emily, it is unclear whether Jimmy will remain at the Four Sixes Ranch since his contract has ended. Moreover, Jimmy’s position at the Four Sixes Ranch is unlikely to help him achieve his dream of becoming a professional bronc rider. Therefore, Jimmy could end up joining Travis’ crew after some time. Either way, Texas opens up a world of possibilities for Jimmy, and what matters for now is that Jimmy is ready to forge his own path.

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