Will Ryan and Abby Break Up in Yellowstone? Theories

The fifth season premiere of Paramount Network’s Western seriesYellowstone’ sees the introduction of Abby, a traveling musician who arrives in the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch to perform during the Governor’s Ball. It doesn’t take long for Ryan to gain Abby’s attention as the cowboy asks the singer to a dance. Although she hesitates at first, Abby says yes, not only to the dance but also to form a relationship with the ranch hand.

In the sixth episode of the season, Ryan and Abby meet at the Dutton Ranch and dance together again while discussing the future of their relationship. In the seventh episode, Ryan and Abby deal with a significant predicament that threatens their relationship, alarming the viewers who are captivated by their togetherness. If you are worried about the fate of the couple’s oneness, here are our thoughts regarding the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Ryan and Abby’s Fate in Yellowstone

When Ryan meets Abby for the first time, dating a cowboy is the last thing she wants to do. She believes that cowboys always prioritize their work and ranch above their relationships, which is simply unacceptable for the musician. Still, she dances with Ryan during the Governor’s Ball. Her beliefs concerning cowboys eventually don’t stop her from getting together with Ryan as well. In the third episode of the fifth season, Ryan and Abby share a heartening time while Rip Wheeler, Beth Dutton, and the ranch hands of the Dutton Ranch celebrate Lloyd’s birthday. Their time together makes it clear that they have bonded strongly.

In the sixth episode of the season, Ryan returns to the Dutton Ranch after a branding camp. He dances again with Abby, who is at the ranch to perform songs. She asks him about the future of their relationship and the cowboy tells her that they can be together as long as they can, indicating that there is no surety concerning their togetherness in the future. In the seventh episode of the season, Rip is asked by John to transport a part of the Dutton Ranch’s herd to the 6666 Ranch AKA Four Sixes Ranch since the group is diagnosed with brucellosis. Rip asks Ryan to join him, Jack, Teeter, and Walker to transport the cattle and look after them for a year, only for the cowboy to accept the same.

Ryan’s decision to leave for Texas startles Abby, whose fear that cowboys always prioritize their job materializes with the former’s impending departure. The two of them end up fighting and Abby eventually walks away from him, seemingly breaking up with the cowboy. Abby’s decision to part ways with Ryan isn’t a surprise since both of them are adamant about living their lives without any compromise. As a cowboy, Ryan cannot prioritize anything over the survival of the cattle on his ranch, which motivates him to leave for Texas despite being aware of the drastic living conditions at the place.

Abby, on the other hand, fails to realize the importance of the cattle Ryan wants to protect by jeopardizing his relationship. The only way of life she understands is the way of a musician. She fails to perceive that cowboying is Ryan’s music and it’s not just a job for him to ignore it for the sake of their togetherness. As far as Abby is concerned, Ryan is just another cowboy who abandons her when the work comes in between them. Such a belief makes her part ways with him. Since Ryan cannot put an end to his life as a cowboy, he can only accept their separation.

Ryan and Abby do not stay together because fundamentally, they are drastically different. The former is a cowboy whose life is controlled by the lives of the cattle he tends. Meanwhile, Abby is a free spirit who prefers to travel around and sing as much as her heart wants the same, without anyone or anything controlling her. The incompatibility that exists in their relationship paves the way for their separation.

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