Market Equities Lawsuit Against Yellowstone Ranch, Explained

Paramount Network’s ‘Yellowstone‘ sees the Duttons, a family of ranchers fighting to protect their land from external threats. In recent seasons, that threat has taken the shape of Market Equities, a ruthless corporate empire hell-bent on destroying the family. In the fifth season, the conflict between the Duttons and Market Equites escalates into an equally balanced war. Market Equities tries to bind the Duttons into a legal issue that will have viewers fearing for the family. If you are looking for the details of Market Equities’ lawsuit against the Yellowstone Dutton ranch in ‘Yellowstone’ season 5, here is everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Why Do Market Equities Want the Yellowstone Ranch?

Market Equities is a multibillion-dollar corporate empire that specializes in real estate development. The company plans to build a multi-year housing project and lifestyle facilities in Bozeman, Montana. The state is known for its lush green undeveloped landscapes. Therefore, it attracts several residents from New York and California, who take advantage of the low property taxes and settle down in Montana. As a result, the company wants to develop progressive housing and lifestyle projects to capitalize on the boom in the state.

Market Equities seeks to build an airport in Bozeman, Montana, as the first step in its plan. As a result, they want to acquire a large piece of land in the county and set sights on the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, the largest ranch in the country owned by John Dutton. However, John refuses to sell the land as he has promised his father on the latter’s deathbed that he will keep the ranch intact for generations to come. John intends to honor that promise and does not accept the millions of dollars that the company offers him for his ranch. Nonetheless, John does not have the financial strength to maintain the large property and could lose the ranch in a few years. Hence, Jamie Dutton leases a piece of the property to Market Equites to save the ranch.

Why Did Market Equities Sue the Duttons?

In the fifth season, John Dutton becomes the Governor of Montana. As the new Governor, his first decision is to cut the funding for the airport project. Thus, an all-out war between the Duttons and market Equites commences. The company has invested millions and raised even more money for the latter stages of its real estate development project. Therefore, the airport project shutting down is unacceptable to them. The corporate company has a strong legal team and is contemplating suing John for breaching the lease agreement.

Moreover, their appeal can get them rezoning permission from the County Commissioners, allowing them to continue building their project. However, John makes a deal with the County Commissioners and asks them to deny the rezoning request. Therefore, Market Equities is left with no choice but to serve a legal notice to the Duttons. In the third episode, Jamie informs Market Equities representative Ellis Steele that the company’s rezoning request has been denied. Hence, the corporation pursues litigation against the Duttons.

Who Will Win the Lawsuit?

If Market Equities wins the lawsuit, John could lose his land. The lease agreement is valid for several years, and the company could easily restart the project after John’s term as the Governor ends. Therefore, John makes a bold move by blocking the rezoning request. Furthermore, he has already planned to avoid the legal implications of his actions. He wants to place the land in nature conservation. As a result, he will not be able to sell the land or hold any construction upon it.

In the third episode, Beth claims the land that is owned by Schwartz & Meyer and places it in a nature reserve. Therefore, the land becomes untouchable for Market Equities. The land owned by Schwartz & Meyer is crucial to the second stage of Market Equites’ project. Hence, the debacle about the airport project becomes meaningless as the company’s entire project is in shambles. Thus, Market Equities is forced to drop the lawsuit. Beth’s move flips their chances of winning, and the company does not wish to spend good money on a legal fight that it has slim chances of winning. Hence, unless Market Equities can find some major legal loopholes in John’s plan, it is unlikely that they will win this fight for the Dutton land.

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