10 Best Korean Dramas of 2017

Korean film industry has had a huge impact on Indian and International Cinema. Film-makers across the world are not strangers to getting inspired from Korean movies, officially remaking them or having roots to them some or the other way. Recently, Korean TV dramas have gained a wide audience across the world, especial since the last year. There’s no exaggeration in saying that Korean TV Industry has managed to accomplish a universe of its own. Bowing to its popularity, I’ve decided to come up with a list of top K-dramas of 2017.

10. Women of Dignity (2017)

First episode date: 16 June 2017
Language: Korean
Network: JTBC
Genres: Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Based on a genuine story, Woman of Dignity is lauded by its  audience for its galvanizing see into the glamour and fashion world wealthy ways of life of its characters. It also got to be JTBC’s highest-rated show ever.

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9. Voice (2017)

First episode date: 14 January 2017
Language: Korean
Network: OCN
Genres: Thriller, Procedural
‘Voice’ got to be OCN’s highest-rated show ever in history. The riveting thriller series fulfilled everything much appreciated to it’s stunning and effective plot. The series is set to make a come back with a second season in 2018.

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8. Avengers Social Club (2017)

First episode date: 11 October 2017
Language: Korean
Network: tvN
Genre: Drama

‘Avengers Social Club’ is based on an online animated series, which picked up a solid following for it’s humorous yet relatable characters. The plot follows these lead characters, as they carry out their act of vengeance.

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7. Stranger (2017)

First episode date: 13 June 2017
Language: Korean
Network: tvN
Genre: Crime, Drama, thriller

‘Stranger’ received great reviews for its twisted plot, action scenes, and solid portrayals from the lead actors Bae Doona and Jo Seung Charm. “The New York Times” recorded it as one of 2017’s best TV dramas. The show is also called ‘The Secret Forest’ and ‘The Forest of Secrets’.

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6. Because This Is My First Life (2017)

First episode date: 9 October 2017
Language: Korean
Network: tvN
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama

Unlike many romantic dramas, ‘Because This is My First Life’ unveiled how adults in their 20’s and 30’s truly think of the evolving trend in marriage and youth lifestyle. It broke all the typical clichés of a Korean Drama and offered a better glimpse into the current generation.

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5. The Liar and His Lover (2017)

First episode date: 20 March 2017
Language: Korean
Network: tvN
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Musical

Based on the Japanese Manga of the same title, The Liar And His Lover marks Red Velvet Joy‘s debut. Much appreciated for its charming romance and the story of today’s youth, the show was a hit among both Korean and universal audience.

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4. Fight For My Way (2017)

First episode date: 22 May 2017
Language: Korean
Network: KBS2
Genre: Romance, Comedy

‘Fight for My Way’ gives a reviving take on cutting edge relationships with a realistic plot line and charming characters. It held the highest ratings during it’s time slot for its whole run.

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3. While You Were Sleeping (2017)

First episode date: 22 May 2017
Language: Korean
Network: SBS
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Drama

Based fundamentally on the  character’s ability to predict the future through her dreams, ‘While You Were Sleeping’ was beyond any doubt, an instant hit with two of the most attractive stars, Suzy and Lee Jong Suk in the lead.

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2. Defendant (2017)

First episode date: 23 January 2017
Language: Korean
Network: SBS
Genre: Drama, Thriller

‘Defendant’ snared its audience from the very first episode with its suspenseful environment and emotional crimes. The series is led by by two of Korea’s most regarded actors, Ji Sung and Um Ki Joon and it was profoundly lauded for its well-organized plot.

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1. Save Me (2017)

First episode date: 5 August 2017
Language: Korean
Network: OCN
Genre: Mystery, Thriller

Based on the popular online animated series, ‘Out of the World’, this thriller drama gained a lot of following due to its realistic approach towards a cult and how its psychological effects can totally alter the behavior a person. It is said that actress Seo Yea Ji suffered depression because of her intense role.

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