8 Movies Like Do Revenge You Must See

Image Credit: Kim Simms/Netflix

Netflix’s ‘Do Revenge’ is a high school drama that follows the story of Drea and Eleanor. They used to be very different from each other. Drea was the queen bee and Eleanor used to be a social outcast and recluse. Their paths cross one summer after Drea loses her status when her sex video is leaked by her boyfriend. Eleanor sympathizes with her because she had also faced something like that a few years back. This shared trauma unites them to come up with an excellent revenge plan.

Inspired by classics like ‘Strangers on a Train’, ‘Cruel Intentions’ and ‘Clueless’, ‘Do Revenge’ is a highly entertaining teen movie that serves the audience something different in the genre that usually hinges on romance and a series of firsts. If you want to watch movies that are edgier like this one, then we have just the list for you. Here are the movies like ‘Do Revenge’ that you can watch on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other streaming services.

8. The Craft (1996)

If you like the stories of teenage girls who are not afraid of crossing over to the dark side to get what they want, then ‘The Craft’ is the one you should watch. It follows the story of four social outcasts who find a way to turn things around for themselves. In the beginning, their plan seems to be going swimmingly, but slowly, the consequences of their actions start to catch up and they realize how wrong of a path they had chosen to walk down. Unlike ‘Do Revenge’, these girls indulge in witchcraft, which adds a supernatural twist to the story.

7. John Tucker Must Die (2006)

John Tucker is a jock who has been fooling three girls from different cliques in the school into believing that they are “the one” for him. When his secret is outed, the girls decide to take revenge on him, and the best way for him to learn a lesson is if his own heart is broken. For this, they employ the help of another girl, who receives a makeover and instantly attracts John’s attention. However, as the plan moves forward, things start to get more complicated than any of them had imagined.

6. Jennifer’s Body (2009)

‘Do Revenge’ subverts the expectation of the audience by showing that its protagonists are not necessarily the good guys that they believed themselves to be. The line between good and bad is deliciously blurred when Drea and Eleanor are made to think about their own actions. If you liked this aspect of the film and would like it to be taken up a notch in your next watch, then ‘Jennifer’s Body’ is the one you should go for. It has two best friends who go through a traumatic series of events and, by the end of the film, find themselves in a position where good and bad don’t matter anymore.

5. Thoroughbreds (2017)

Starring Anya Taylor-Joy and Olivia Cooke, ‘Thoroughbreds’ is a much darker teen movie with a lot more psychological factors in the work as compared to ‘Do Revenge’. It is also not set in a school, but it does center on two girls who form an unlikely friendship due to a dark commonality in their behaviors. Things get a bit bloodier and more unsettling towards the end, but it is a great film to watch the young talents like Taylor-Joy and Cooke shining in the roles of young teenagers who test the bonds of their friendship and see how far they can go to help each other.

4. Hard Candy (2005)

One of the things that motivate Drea to do whatever it takes to bring down her ex-boyfriend Max is the realization that some people always manage to wriggle their way out of any accountability. They do terrible things to others and yet never pay the price for their actions. In ‘Hard Candy’, we meet a girl who is motivated by a similar cause and decides to take justice into her own hands. Starring Elliot Page in the lead role, the story centers on Hayley who is ready to do whatever it takes to make a man confess to being a predator who targets teen girls.

3. Heathers (1988)

Starring Winona Ryder in the lead role, ‘Heathers’ is one of those dark-twisted teen dramas that present a sharp contrast to other happier stories about teens and their young romance. It is one of the movies that influenced ‘Do Revenge’ and is a welcome respite from the usual sappy teen movies. It follows the story of a girl named Veronica and her new boyfriend as they go on a murder spree, targeting specific girls at the school, all of whom happen to share the same name and the same fate.

2. Heavenly Creatures (1994)

‘Do Revenge’ shows us that friendships are more important than anything else. In ‘Heavenly Creatures’, Juliet and Pauline take this very seriously. Set in 1952, the story follows two girls from different social backgrounds bonding over shared experiences in the past. Over time, their friendship becomes so strong that it starts to control every aspect of their lives. When the time comes for them to be separated, they take extreme measures to stay close to each other, even if it means killing someone.

1. Mean Girls (2004)

Written by Tina Fey, ‘Mean Girls’ is one of the classics in the teen genre and bears many similarities to ‘Do Revenge’. It has a group of girls, called the Plastics, who are the royalty of the high school and have garnered grudges from a number of students. When a new girl, Cady, arrives at school, she is persuaded to infiltrate their group, dig dirt on them, and bring them down once and for all. It seems to be a simple task, but once Cady becomes a part of the Plastics, she starts to see some changes in herself.

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