A Murder to Remember: Cast and Filming Locations

Mortal Danger, Day 14 of 14, February 20th, 2020, Maple Ridge, BC, Canada Photo Credit: Bettina Strauss

‘A Murder to Remember’ is Lifetime’s latest addition to the “ripped from the headlines” roster. The thriller is based on Ann Rule’s true crime collection, titled ‘Empty Promises.’ We focus on a couple whose camping trip goes haywire, and a mysterious stranger only complicates matters. Javier and Robin go to celebrate their anniversary, but things go south when Javier turns up dead.

Left to fend for herself, in the wilderness, Robin does not quite know what to do. However, she accepts help from Sam, a mysterious camper. While Robin gradually starts placing her life in the hands of a stranger, the question arises whether Sam is there to protect her, or if Robin needs to be protected from him. The woods give an eerier feeling that captures the tense suspense. Naturally, you might be curious about where ‘A Murder to Remember’ has been filmed. We will walk you through the locations and introduce you to the cast members.

Where Was A Murder to Remember Filmed?

‘A Murder to Remember’ has been filmed in Atlanta, Georgia. Filming took place in April 2020. After all, the woods in Atlanta are perfect for capturing the atmosphere the movie tries to set. Moreover, filming in Atlanta comes with a set of tax benefits that helps the production stay within budget. Here’s a picture of the director in the woods of Atlanta.


The cherry on the cake has to be the fantastic studio system. Not only can some exterior shots, to portray an urbanscape, be filmed here, but filmmakers can also rely on the studios for post-production work. ‘A Murder to Remember’ has filmed some scenes at the Swirl Film studios in Georgia. Here’s a picture of the exterior car shot being set up for the movie.


A Murder to Remember Cast:

The main cast members in ‘A Murder to Remember’ are Maddie Nichols and T.C. Matherne. Nichols appears in the role of Robin, who’s left in the wilderness after her husband dies. Maddie is a budding actor from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She’s been drawn to acting ever since she was a kid. From the age of ten, Nichols started appearing in student films and shorts with her friends. However, as time went on, she was considered for more serious roles. Of course, Maddie will be looking to make an impression as the lead.

Matherne, who is cast as Sam, is a rising star, who does his best to appear in some notable works. Some of the feathers in Matherne’s hat include ‘True Detective‘ and ‘Godzilla: King of the Monsters.’ Here’s Matherne promoting the Lifetime movie.


Other cast members include Kevin Rodriguez and Leslie Hendrix. The former appears as Javier, and Kevin is known for his roles in shows like ‘Power.’ Leslie is a veteran actress who has been seen in numerous installments in the ‘Law and Order‘ franchise. She has also appeared in ‘Gotham‘ and ‘All My Children.’ Here’s Leslie promoting ‘A Murder to Remember.’


Robin Givens, who’s known for shows like ‘Riverdale,’ makes her small-screen directorial debut with this movie. Obviously, the cast has been handpicked with great care, so they are well suited for the roles. Undoubtedly, the narrative and performances will come together to deliver an unforgettable tale in ‘A Murder to Remember.’

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