Are Aaliyah and Uche From Love is Blind Still Together?

Created by Chris Coelen, Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind‘ is a show of its own league, given its unique premise. Furthermore, the ups and downs that the cast members have to often go through in order to find their future spouse is something that only makes one wonder about the importance of an emotional connection. In the recently released season 5 of the reality show, Aaliyah Cosby and Uche Okoroha had to navigate many hurdles that left many wondering whether or not the two could make the distance. If you are also someone eager to know about their present relationship status, here is what we know about the same!

Aaliyah and Uche’s Love is Blind Journey

Aaliyah Cosby and Uche Okoroha‘s connection was one that grew naturally and was primarily based upon the principle of honesty. Both parties instantly connected and felt comfortable enough to discuss even the deepest of their secrets when conversing, with the former clearly coming across as more open while her beau took time to express his genuine emotions. However, their policy of honesty also took them down a path of heartbreak and frustration that led them and others to question their bond.

While discussing relationships and cheating, Aaliyah revealed to Uche that she had indeed cheated on her former partner two years ago. When asked if she had told her ex about this, she refused. The revelation shook Uche, who could not help but comment how he was surprised she had cheated so recently and had not confessed. By the time he could completely gather his thoughts, Aaliyah left the pods, feeling immensely judged by Uche.

The next time that the two met, Aaliyah firmly stated how Uche’s words had made her feel. In turn, Uche apologized for his comments and said that he had not intended to make her feel bad, claiming that he felt like her confession had only brought them closer. However, not much afterward, Uche revealed that something he had been hiding. He told Aaliyah that one of his exes was also a part of the experiment and someone he had indeed gone on a date with during the initial phase, though he claimed that nothing would ever come of it and she did not need to worry about his feelings.

However, the fact that Uche’s ex turned out to be Lydia Gonzalez made Aaliyah feel conflicted, given how close the two women had gotten. When she decided to talk to Lyida about the same, she was initially accepting of the situation but soon started to feel overwhelmed upon realizing that Lydia still seemed to hold Uche in high regard. When Lydia confessed that she and Uche had slept together in January of the year of production, a few months before they entered the Netflix dating show, Aaliyah became even more frustrated.

During her next meeting with Uche, Aaliyah confronted him about why he hadn’t disclosed the recent nature of his relationship with Lydia. She also asked him if he could get back together with Lydia, given that this was apparently a conversation that the two had had. Not reaching a proper conclusion, the two departed. The next time Uche entered the pods, he realized that Aaliyah had not come to meet him. The showrunners then told him that she had decided to leave the experiment.

The showrunners did help facilitate a conversation between Uche and Aaliyah over the phone, but the former only became more upset upon realizing that Aaliyah had left based on comments made by Lydia. He claimed that he could not believe that she had thrown their connection away due to comments made by someone else. After the pods, Aaliyah and Uche did meet face to face, where they aired out everything.

Aaliyah confessed that she had felt like Uche cared more for Lydia than he was letting on, though he claimed that he was only looking out for his ex. In turn, Uche admitted that he had not told her everything about his and Lydia’s relationship as she was concerned about his former partner’s feelings. While the two did hash out many of their grievances, they did not make any definitive decision about whether or not they wanted to resume their relationship, even though both of them admitted to still caring for each other.

Are Aaliyah and Uche Still Together?

As of writing, Aaliyah Cosby and Uche Okoroha have yet to share any updates regarding their relationship with each other. While their meeting after the pods did clear many things, whether or not they decided to rekindle their relationship remains to be seen. However, given that neither party follows each other on Instagram, it is highly probable that they may have ultimately decided to separate. Whether or not they are together, we wish both Aaliyah and Uche the best in life and hope to see them succeed in their future ventures.

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