Adult Swim’s Yule Log 2 is in the Works

Adult Swim hasn’t had enough of the murderous log! The network has ordered ‘Yule Log 2,’ a sequel to the 2022 black comedy horror film ‘Adult Swim Yule Log.’ The filming of the movie has started in Georgia. The cast and crew members are currently under wraps.

‘Adult Swim Yule Log’ revolves around a murderous yule log that targets the renters of a cabin. The film ends with the sinister log killing several renters of the cabin, along with the serial killer “Pleatherface” and his mother. Even though Zoe and Alex, who arrive at the place for the latter to propose to his partner, try to dispose of the thing that haunts them, the log kills them as well. The climax of the movie offers a glimpse into the life of a slave named Rosa, who once lived in the same cabin. Isaac, the slave owner who bought her son, seeks her forgiveness, only for her to attack him.

Considering the deaths of the original film’s main characters, we can anticipate the sinister log to deal with a new group in the sequel. The murders of the podcasters and the serial killer may make the cabin infamous, attracting courageous minds to the place for inspection, only to encounter the log’s threat. The movie’s protagonist(s) may try to eliminate the threat of the log, but the cursed entity’s homicidal impulses most likely will turn out to be an undefeatable force.

Casper Kelly wrote and directed the first film. Even though an official confirmation is pending, we can expect him at the helm of the sequel as well. He is a regular collaborator of Adult Swim, having co-created the network’s ‘Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell’ and ‘Stroker & Hoop.’ His credits also include the acclaimed Nicolas Cage film ‘Mandy’ and an episode of Netflix’s ‘Agent Elvis.’

The numerous deaths in the original movie suggest that we may see a new ensemble of performers headlining the sequel. Still, we may see Charles Green as the frightening Little Man in the Fire and Jessica Fontaine as Rosa. The first film featured Andrea Laing as Zoe, Justin Miles as Alex, Sean Hankinson as Ben, Hannah Alline as Beth, Danielia Maximillian-Almeda as Holly, Brendan Patrick Connor as Pleatherface, Tordy Clark as Pleatherface’s mother, and Skye Passmore as Henry.

While the sequel’s exact filming locations are yet to be revealed, it could be Atlanta, where the original horror comedy was shot. In addition to the film, Georgia is also currently hosting the shooting of James Wan-produced ‘Teacup,’ the third season of ‘P-Valley,’ and the second installment of ‘Tulsa King.’

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