5 Anime Like Sekirei You Must See

‘Sekirei’ is a popular romance, harem comedy which is popular for its ecchi scenes. There are lots of sexy female characters in this anime. Sekirei are extraterrestrial humanoid creatures who are extremely powerful. They come to Earth in search of humans having the Ashikabi gene. Once they find them, they kiss the human to bring out the latent powers. This is what happens to Minato Sahashi. Even though he is not dumb, he cannot pass the entrance exams for the second time; people deem him a failure. Then he meets Musubi, a Sekirei, who kisses him. Now, he and Musubi are a pair and must fight other such pairs in a survival battle. But what they don’t realize is that there is far more risk in this than they had initially imagined.

If you enjoyed watching the show and are looking for more anime that explore similar story-lines or themes, then we’ve got you covered. Here’s the list of best anime similar to ‘Sekirei’ that are our recommendations. You can watch several of these anime like ‘Sekirei’ on Netflix, Crunchyroll or Hulu.

5. Rosario to Vampire (2008)

‘Rosario to Vampire’ is a popular ecchi, harem anime. It is one of those anime which mainly explores a romantic comedy theme but has lots of ecchi and fanservice moments. The harem in this anime is also quite entertaining. ‘Rosario to Vampire’ is quite similar to ‘Sekirei’. Both the series have a plethora of sexy female characters who have supernatural powers. The male lead falls in love with one of them and as the series progresses, other female characters start falling for him left and right. Both anime are entertaining romantic comedies.

The series takes place in the Youkai Academy, which is a school for monsters who are trying to coexist with humans. The academy teaches all normal curriculum subjects like maths, science, literature, etc. All the students in the academy attend the classes in their human form but if any real human is found within the campus, they are to be executed. Tsukune Aono’s parents are desperate to get their son into college. Tsukune has bad grades, which is why he isn’t getting acceptance from any college. Desperation and ignorance lead his parents to enroll him in the Youkai Academy. In the academy, he has an encounter with Moka Akashiya, the most beautiful girl in the college. So, despite the dangerous surrounding, Tsukune decides to stay in the academy to better his relationship with Moka. The anime follows the daily lives of the students of Youkai Academy and the various misadventures that Tsukune gets involved in.

4. Infinite Stratos (2011)

Well, if you love sexy female anime characters and enjoyed watching ‘Sekirei’ for that reason, then ‘Infinite Stratos’ will not disappoint you either. It has got plenty of pretty female characters. It also shares other similarities with ‘Sekirei’: both the shows are ecchi and have fanservice moments. Both have an underlying romance plot. In both anime, the male lead ends up in the company of pretty women who are powerful. The difference between the anime is that while in ‘Sekirei’ the female characters have supernatural powers, here in ‘Infinite Stratos’ we have them wearing powerful army suits to fight.

The show takes place in Japan which is now a technologically advanced nation. They are able to develop a very powerful exoskeleton, Infinite Stratos. Infinite Stratos is so powerful that the leaders of the world decide to sign a treaty which bans its use in wars or as a military weapon. But still, there are academies which train pilots to be able to use Infinite Stratos. The exoskeleton is only compatible with females but turns out there is a guy who is compatible with the Infinite Stratos. Ichika Orimura is the guy in the question. He is 15 years old and his sister Chifuyu Orimura is a legend and a homeroom teacher at the Infinite Stratos Academy. Now, Ichika is forced to enroll in the academy to train and become a pilot of the exoskeleton. It is here he meets pretty girls, many of whom start falling for him. But all will not be fun and games as some danger seems to await the students.

3. High School DxD (2012)

We cannot really talk about ecchi harem anime without mentioning ‘High School DxD’. The series is really popular and has gained lots of fans. It is also famous for the amount of fanservice it contains. The show shares some similarities with ‘Sekirei’. First, we have a plethora of pretty well-endowed female characters. All of them have supernatural powers. The male lead ends up in their surrounding and now needs to adjust to his new lifestyle. If you want something similar to ‘Sekirei’ with dialed up ecchi and fanservice moments, then ‘High School DxD’ is something to look out for.

The anime revolves around angels, demons, and exorcists. Issei Hyoudou is the male protagonist of the series. Like any normal guy, he likes looking at pretty women and is a pervert. He really wants to have a girlfriend. So, when a beautiful girl asks him out, he instantly agrees and boasts to his friends. The date goes on well and they end up in a park and this is where things go wrong drastically. The girl turns out to be a fallen angel who has come to kill Issei for some reason. There’s no escaping now as the girl kills him. As he is dying, he sees Rias Gremory, a senior at his school, on the scene. Next day, he wakes up next to a naked Rias. Turns out, Rias is a top-class devil. She has saved Issei and reincarnated him as her slave. Now, Issei needs to adjust to his new lifestyle of being a devil. He also needs to train hard since this dark world is not a safe place. Apart from that, he has to keep his new life a secret from his friends and families.

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2. Freezing (2011)

‘Freezing’ is a harem, romance drama with lots of sexy female characters and many ecchi moments. While ‘Sekirei’ deals with supernatural stuff, ‘Freezing’ is more sci-fi and action. But both anime have lots of really strong and pretty female characters who can literally kick ass. The setting of the anime is in a high school which is different from that of ‘Sekirei’ but the premise is quite similar. The strong female characters need to pair up with a male character to fully utilize their powers for the betterment of humanity. But while in ‘Sekirei’ the male character could make contracts with multiple female characters, here he can pair up with only one female.

The series takes place in the future where the invasion of Earth by an alien race, the Novas, is posing a serious threat to the existence of humans. To protect people from the aliens, young men and women are implanted stigmata to bestow them with supernatural powers with which they can fight. The women are the pandoras who need male limiters. West Genetics Military Academy is a place where these young students are trained to become Pandoras and Limiters. Kazuya Aoi, the male protagonist, joins the academy. On his first day, he gets to see a battle royale between the pandoras. One of the contenders is the powerful pandora Satellizer el Bridget who is the untouchable queen. No male can be compatible with her. Kazuya mistakes her for his dead sister and embraces her. Bridget notices that her touch does not drive him away and decides to take him on as her Limiter. But their partnership will be tested many a times not only by external threats but also by internal politics.

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1. Date A Live (2013)

Let’s close it off with ‘Date A Live’, another popular harem, romance comedy. ‘Sekirei’ and ‘Date A Live’ have a lot of similarities. Of course, one of them being the number of pretty female characters in the anime and the ecchi moments. But we also have a similar premise. The female characters in ‘Date A Live’ are not humans. They are otherworldly beings who have powers. Also, there are lots of girl-on-girl battles. Another similarity is that kissing is quite important in both the series as it seals the deal or forms a contract.

‘Date A Live’ takes place thirty-years after an uneventful day when the first of the Spacequakes occurred. The event led to a loss of 150 million lives. Since then, Spacequake has been a common phenomenon which causes loss to life and property. Shidou Itsuka is a high school student who is rushing to save his sister from a Spacequake. He ends up getting caught in the blast. He then finds a mysterious girl at the epicenter. Turns out that the girl is a spirit, an otherworldly being, whose arrival on Earth causes these quakes. Suddenly, an Anti-spirit task force comes to save Shidou. To his surprise, his sister is the one who leads the task force. Their task is to exterminate the spirits; but Shidou does not like these violent methods. He finds out another way wherein if you can make a spirit fall in love with you, you can neutralize them. So yes, Shidou now starts dating to save the world.

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