Dew and Will: Is Are You The One Duo Still in a Relationship?

Only a few reality series have a fanbase as strong as ‘Are You The One?‘ The show’s unique format, intriguing cast, and entertaining drama have allowed it to rise to the top and have people worldwide rooting for their favorite couples. However, once the cast members exit the social experiment, the public is always eager to know whether or not the on-screen couples can create romantic magic in real life. The same question revolves around season 9’s Dew Pineda and William “Will” Gagnon, whose journey in the Paramount+ series was far from boring. Luckily, here is what we know about the same!

Dew Pineda and William “Will” Gagnon Are You The One? Journey

Entering the ninth installment of the dating show, Dew Pineda and William “Will” Gagnon did not lack options regarding potential partners. The former was initially attracted to Brooke Rachman and even had a double date with Taylor Kelly. Yet, his connection with Courtney Rowe genuinely made him believe he had found his perfect match. The relationship between the two was undoubtedly strong, and the couple hoped they would make it to the need.

The partnership between Will and Courtney lasted for three weeks until the latter realized she was unlikely his perfect match, given how few beams were lit up during the matching ceremonies. While upset, Will decided to go along with her decision and shifted his focus to Danielle Bonaparte. However, things got tricky for him when he took her on a date and kissed her but did not discuss it with Courtney properly. This was after Will was upset that Aqel Carson had kissed the latter on the cheek as a greeting.

On the other hand, while Dew had formed genuine connections in the house, few were romantic. Due to her frank nature and strong personality, many cast members worried she was not diligent about finding her romantic match. Moreover, many felt that she was not ready to compromise in any aspect. After the past match-up ceremonies, most cast members were sure that Dew and Will were each other’s match. This did not sit well with the former as she was not overly fond of the latter.

One of the main reasons behind Dew’s dislike for Will was his calling her “misunderstood,” a label she was less than happy with. For the 9th match-up ceremony, he chose her to be his partner, though she did not have much faith in the pairing. Nevertheless, they both felt that the results till that point likely indicated they were partners. The fact that all the beams lit up at the end of the night confirmed that Will and Dew were a perfect match.

Dew Pineda and William Gagnon: Relationship Status Unclear

As for writing, Dew and Will have yet to make any official announcements regarding the status of their relationship. Although, given the duo’s time on the show, it is possible that the two did not decide to pursue a romantic relationship after the end of the social experiment. In fact, Dew’s less-than-amicable feelings for Will do not seem to have really simmered down, and she even took to Twitter to express her displeasure regarding his behavior concerning Courtney, Aqel, and Danielle.

“Will was FAKING being upset over Aqel’s kiss on the cheek because he is CAMERA THIRSTY & Danielle called him out,” Dew stated. “Everyone in the house is starting to see what I’ve been saying since day one. No one calls themselves “a good guy.” You either act like one, or you don’t.” With such a strong public statement, the likelihood that she might be dating Will seems relatively low, if not zero. Regardless, Dew does seem to have a good bond with some of the other cast members, like Eduardo Dickson Jr, Danielle Bonaparte, Rosalyn “Roz” Odujebe, and many more.

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