Courtney and Eduardo: Is Are You The One Couple Still Dating?

For fans of entertainment, romance, and drama, there are few shows that are as good as ‘Are You The One?‘ The Paramount+ dating series is beloved by many for its unique format and the ever-increasing sense of urgency that the participants feel as they make their way toward the finale. Such was the case for season 9‘s Courtney Rowe and Eduardo Dickson Jr, whose pairing may not have been the most noticeable but still captured the attention of the viewers.

Courtney Rowe and Eduardo Dickson Jr’s Are You The One? Journey Together

Entering season 9 of the viral reality series, Courtney was certainly interested in making the best of the social experiment. Even though her week 1 date with Shamal “Samuel” Khan or match-up with Aqel Carson did not yield positive results, the reality TV star from the United Kingdom kept her head up and was eager to see things through. Shortly afterward, Courtney found herself getting closer to William “Will” Gagnon.

However, after realizing the low number of beams that the participants were receiving during their match-up ceremonies, Courtney realized that it was highly probable that Will was not her chosen partner. Hence she asked him to consider other options to partner up with. Sometime later, the two did get into an argument when Will raised objections about Aqel greeting Courtney with a kiss on her cheek. The situation completely flipped when Courtney learned that he had kissed Danielle Bonaparte during a date.

Meanwhile, Eduardo’s on-screen journey did have a couple of bumps at the start, but he soon found himself spending time with Jordanne Deveaux as much as possible. The reality TV star also became good friends with some of the other cast members and even partnered up with Dew Pineda during two of the match-up ceremonies. However, he and Jordanne never got to check out the status of their relationship due to missing out on being sent to the truth booth.

With the final ceremony creeping in closer and closer, all of the house’s unmatched participants decided to go on speed dates. This allowed Courtney and Eduardo to get to know each other a bit better. Prior to this, their paths had rarely crossed, and the two had never even stood beside each other during a match-up ceremony. Understanding how some of their shared past and values could have made them a good catch for each other, Eduardo asked Courtney to be his partner for the 9th match-up ceremony. The decision certainly proved to be a wise one, as all eleven pairs were confirmed as perfect matches that night.

Courtney and Eduardo: Romantic Status Uncertain

As of writing, Courtney and Eduardo have not shared an update regarding their current romantic lives. That is not to say that they have not been talking about the show itself, as the latter, in particular, has been quite frank about his thoughts about some of the cast members. Given their short time together on the show, it does not seem likely that the two are dating each other though they do seem to be on amicable terms.

On an even more interesting note, Eduardo has shaken up the online fanbase of the Paramount+ series through his Twitter posts. His comments have mainly been targeted toward the majority of men that he starred alongside in the show, and he has promised to reveal as many details as possible regarding things that were not seen in the show. In particular, he seems to have built an animosity towards Leo Svete, Nathan Grant, Aqel, and Will. Presently, he is affiliated with OneWay Real Estate and BlackTrophy Promotions and is also known for his modeling jobs.

On the other hand, Courtney seems not to have partaken in any of the online drama and is thriving in her life. Based in London, England, the reality TV star has built a strong friendships with many of the cast members, including Oliver “Ollie” Andersen. She turned 27 in March 2023 and enjoyed celebrating the occasion to the fullest.

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