Are Dylan Sprouse and Candice King in After We Fell? Why Not?

The passionate and complicated romance drama ‘After We Fell’ is the third part of the fan-favorite ‘After’ franchise. Castille Landon directed the movie from the eponymous book by Anna Todd. Oscillating between two sides of the Atlantic, the film chronicles the turbulent affair of Tessa and Hardin. The lead pair reprises their roles from the previous installment, but we see several changes in the cast.

Stephen Moyer replaces Charlie Weber as Christian Vance, while Chance Perdomo takes up the role of Landon from Shane Paul in the two previous installments. However, some of you may wonder whether Dylan Sprouse and Candice King retain their positions. If the question has indeed cropped up in your mind, we would be happy to shed some light. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Are Dylan Sprouse And Candice King In After We Fell? If Not, Why?

‘After We Fell’ is the third movie in the popular ‘After’ franchise. The series adapts the book series of the same name by Anna Todd for the screen. Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin reprise their roles from the previous movies in the franchise — ‘After’ and ‘After We Collided.’ However, the film leaves several actors behind in the journey. So, if you wonder whether Dylan Sprouse and Candice King are in the movie, we are sorry to disappoint you. Neither of them retains their roles from the first two installments.

Dylan Sprouse essays the role of Trevor, Tessa’s co-worker, in the first two movies. Despite the central importance of the lead pair in the films, Dylan Sprouse’s dynamism brings freshness to the cast. You may have known Dylan and his twin brother Cole from their popular Disney show ‘The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.’ Tessa and Trevor gradually find a spark in the first two movies, although Tessa is involved in a committed relationship. When Hardin notices their chemistry, he bursts out into one of his classic fits of rage.

However, in this movie, Trevor remains absent. He becomes only a passing reference as Hardin reminds Tessa of her memories with Trevor. When Dylan divulged his exit from the franchise, fans wondered whether his brother Cole Sprouse would retain the role, which would be pretty cool. However, the ‘After We Fell’ cast ensemble includes neither Dylan nor Cole. Dylan’s exit may be propelled by the fact that the character of Trevor does not make an appearance in the third book. In the absence of the character, the producers found no need to bring Dylan on board.

Moreover, Candice King, who portrayed the character of Kimberley (Vance’s wife), in the first two parts, also seems to be absent from the cast ensemble of the third film. While Arielle Kebbel takes up the role of Kimberley replacing Candice, we wonder why Candice remains absent. Unlike Trevor, Kimberley is still quite a palpable presence in the third movie, making the audiences notice Candice’s absence even more. However, upon further probing, we came to know that Candice was unable to be a part of the production due to her last stage of pregnancy.

Signing up for the third part would require Candice to fly to Bulgaria, where the shooting took place. Bulgaria was an informed choice due to the low COVID cases instead of Atlanta, Georgia, where the first two movies were filmed. As the production team filmed amidst the raging pandemic, the Bulgaria location would help minimize the spreading of the virus. However, it was not feasible for Candice to undertake the long flight at the time of filming, and the role went to her ‘The Vampire Diaries’ co-star Arielle Kebbel.

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