Are John and Summer Dating in Yellowstone?

Summer Higgins enters into John Dutton’s life in the fourth season of Paramount Network’s Western seriesYellowstone.’ As an environmentalist, she protests against the livestock commissioner Kayce Dutton, who calls John Dutton to intervene. When she gets arrested, John facilitates her release and they even sleep together. However, their brief relationship ends soon as Beth Dutton’s instructions regarding protesting against Market Equities’ airport construction land Summer in jail. Still, Summer and John reignite their heated relationship in the fourth episode of the fifth season. Intrigued by the same, we have examined whether they are together. If you are interested in their companionship, let us share our thoughts! SPOILERS AHEAD.

John and Summer’s Relationship

In the fourth season, Summer follows Beth’s suggestions and protests against Market Equities’ construction of the airport as part of the Paradise Valley Project. When the protest becomes violent, she handles authorities, which lands her in prison for the near future. In the fourth episode of the fifth season, John Dutton, using his authority to pardon an inmate, facilitates Summer’s release and takes her to the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. Since they sleep together again, the viewers must be curious to know whether they are together. However, they are not currently together and the chances of them ever ending up together are extremely low.

First of all, John facilitates Summer’s release to add her to his team and fulfill his promise of helping her. In the same episode, Yellowstone National Park rangers meet John and inform him that they suspect his cowboys have killed multiple wolves which belong to the national park. John talks about the same to Senator Lynelle Perry, who explains how environmentalists can be an enormous headache to John and his authority as a Governor. John needs the power of the Governor’s position to fight Market Equities and protect his ranch. Perry asks John to have an environmentalist on his team to foresee the challenges he will be facing in his tenure.

Since Summer has an unparalleled experience of being a part and leader of several environmental protests that happened throughout the country, she becomes John’s obvious choice to fill the gap in his team. Thus, it’s clear that Summer’s re-entry into John’s life is to help him fight the potential challenges he will encounter rather than to get together with him. In addition, John has never seriously considered having a partner after his wife Evelyn Dutton’s death. Although he has fooled around with Lynelle and Summer, they are brief and casual relationships that don’t have any significant foundations.

Even if John thinks about having a partner, Summer can be the last person he would consider for being in a serious relationship. John has dedicated all his life to the prosperity and protection of his family’s ranch and it is inconceivable that he would end up together with someone who doesn’t respect his way of life. Summer may not even encourage the thought of becoming the better half of a cowboy who tends cattle for a living. Her values, perspectives, and way of life do not align with the way of life in Montana and the Dutton family. After being single for years and years, John may not want to get together with someone who cannot adapt to his lifestyle in his old age.

Then there is Beth Dutton in between John and Summer. Ever since Summer has become a part of John’s personal life, Beth has started to dislike her. Even when she sees Summer in the fourth episode of season 5, she expresses her dislike for the latter. Such an overprotective daughter most likely will do everything to stop her father from forming a strong bond with Summer. Therefore, it is safe to say that Summer most likely will remain as an environmental consultant in John’s life and their personal relationship will be limited to occasional nights of intimacy.

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