Does Beth Die in Yellowstone? Theories

The fifth season of Paramount Network’s Western seriesYellowstone’ follows John Dutton’s efforts to defeat Market Equities to protect his Yellowstone Dutton Ranch by assuming Montana’s Governor’s office. As John uses his authority as the Governor of the state to make laws against the multi-billion company that aspires to build a new city in the wilderness of Montana, his daughter Beth Dutton is with him to guide him.

Beth becomes John’s Chief of Staff since the Dutton patriarch wants her as his general in the war he wages against Market Equities. In the third episode of the season, the company receives a severe blow due to Beth’s actions, making us intrigued about the consequences of the Dutton girl’s battles. Will we see her dying in the show? Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Does Beth Die?

Beth has endured a lot to protect her father John Dutton and their family’s Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. In the third season finale, a bomb blast planned by Garrett Randall nearly kills her. She somehow survives the same and unflinchingly continues her fight against Market Equities for her father. In the fifth season, Beth’s enemies aren’t hidden. The stakes are high and the war is bloody. Although she survives a near-death experience once, there isn’t any guarantee that she will manage to do the same again. But backing off is the last thing we should expect from Beth, said Kelly Reilly, who plays the Dutton daughter in the show.

“This season you can see it all coming to a head. The fight’s coming from every direction. Beth is more like a wild animal this season than ever,” Reilly told EW. “The promise she [Beth] made to her father about fighting everyone to protect the land is her reason to be,” the actress added. Reilly’s words make it clear that Beth isn’t going to shy away from a fight to protect what is rightfully her family’s. As in every war, the threat to life is inevitable. Thus, the fans cannot be blamed for worrying about Beth’s possible death.

In the third episode of the fifth season, Beth sells her controlling interest in Schwartz & Meyer to Rob of BI, Market Equities’ rival, in return for around 28,000 acres that are located near Yellowstone. Beth knows that Market Equities cannot build an airport, which is an integral part of the company’s Paradise Valley Project, without the land she just gained. She files the conservation easement of the same land, making it impossible for Market Equities to move forward with the airport project and threatening Caroline Warner’s job. As Caroline faces a potential firing from the company, she asks Ellis Steele to destroy the Duttons.

Since John Dutton is a Governor, Market Equities cannot kill or even hurt him without raising any suspicion. John’s authority as the Governor may force Market Equities to turn their attention from him to Beth, who fights for their ranch on behalf of her father. In light of the same, Beth’s life is seemingly under threat. Even Reilly had confirmed the possibility of Beth protecting Yellowstone by putting her life on the line. “I quote Beth’s lines all the time because I love them: ‘His dream is the Alamo that I will die defending,’” Reilly told Vulture about how Beth may defend John and his ranch by dying.

As of yet, Beth’s life isn’t directly threatened. But in the upcoming episodes of the season, we can expect Sarah Atwood to make her move against her. Beth’s arrest in the third episode of season 5 indicates that she would be facing several challenges as she continues her efforts to save her family’s land from potential exploitation. Sarah’s meeting with Jamie Dutton, especially concerning the latter’s enmity towards Beth, may have severe consequences that can threaten Beth’s life. It will not be a surprise to see Sarah trying to kill Beth by manipulating and using Jamie, which will also pave the way for the fall of the Duttons.

As far as we know, Beth’s is indeed in danger. Whether she will survive the threats, only time can tell. But it isn’t an exaggeration to say that if anyone has the potency to survive, along with John, Market Equities’ viciousness, it is Beth.

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