How Did Beth Dutton Get the Scar on Her Face in Yellowstone?

The fifth season of Paramount Network’s Western seriesYellowstone’ follows John Dutton’s attempts to protect the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch by becoming the Governor of the State of Montana. Bethany “Beth” Dutton stands beside her father to fight the war against Market Equities, the company that wants to build a city in the ranch lands of the state. Beth becomes the new Governor’s Chief of Staff since John wants his time and authority best used to protect his family’s land. As Beth plays an important part in the season, the viewers must have noticed a scar on her face. If you are wondering how she got the same, let us share the answer! SPOILERS AHEAD.

How Did Beth Dutton Get the Scar on Her Face?

In the third season, Market Equities manages to acquire Beth’s company, Schwartz & Meyer. In the third season finale, she goes to her office to pack up. Meanwhile, her assistant lets Beth know that the former has received a box addressed to the latter. Although Beth tries to stop her assistant from opening the same, the latter opens the box and a bomb explodes. Beth gets a scar on her face due to the bomb explosion. In addition to the scar on her face, there is an enormous burn scar on Beth’s back, which is also caused by the explosion.

The bomb arrives in Schwartz & Meyer since Jamie Dutton’s biological father Garrett Randall hires the services of a prisoner named Terrell Riggins to kill Beth, John, and Kayce Dutton. Randall wants to eliminate the Duttons’ influence on his son Jamie, which makes him try to kill the three of them. Although the bomb explosion is massive, Beth somehow survives the same and she carries the scar on her face ever since. According to Abigail Steele, one of the makeup artists working in the show, Beth’s scar is more than what it appears to be.

“[…] it [the scar] wasn’t a piece she wore but a color. And it tells a story. The scar tells a story that the pain that she bore still remains on the outside,” Steele said in a behind-the-scenes special. Steele’s words are validated in the fourth season, in which Beth tries to avenge the hurt she, John, and Kayce had to endure. She forces Jamie to kill Randall for trying to kill the three Duttons ruthlessly. She even makes it clear to Jamie that she will not mind plotting his murder if the latter cannot fulfill her vengeance for her.

As far as Steele and Kelly Reilly, who plays Beth, are concerned, the character’s scar has become an integral part of Beth. “Kelly and I had a conversation about that [the scar], and it was really unfiltered. And then we were both like, you know what? We should tell people about your scars and how they tell a story that’s bigger than just something that’s cool and looks cool in a makeup way,” Steele said in the same special. “It’s so much deeper and there’s something so beautiful about scars that are worn and not covered up,” Steele added.

Beth’s scar is also a symbol of her unflinching loyalty toward her father John Dutton. She gets nearly killed for being the biggest ally of her father and the life-threatening occurrence hasn’t stopped her from helping John to protect Yellowstone. Even when John has doubts about becoming the Governor of Montana, it is Beth who makes him realize the importance of the same to save their ranch. Even after John has assumed the Governor’s office, she helps him create laws and regulations against Market Equities to ensure that they will not lose their land. Beth’s scar succeeds in reminding everyone who comes against her of the lengths she will go to protect John and Yellowstone.

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