Sienna and Jayme: Is the Love Allways Duo Still Together?

When it comes to romances in ‘Love Allways,’ viewers are always ready to expect the unexpected. The Paramount+ dating reality series certainly captivated the fans from its very first season, which featured Lexi Paloma as the bachelorette, but there was indeed a possible romance that took place in the show that did not involve her in the slightest. We are, of course, talking about Sienna Scibird and Jayme Aiden, whose dynamic from the very start has left the public wondering. Are the two actually together, given everything that took place in the show? Let’s explore it all, shall we?

Sienna and Jayme’s Love Allways Journey

Even though both Sienna and Jayme had come to the show to woo Lexi, it was revealed they had been romantically involved in the past. While they had dated before their time on the show, they eventually separated — a move seemingly initiated by Jayme. However, their on-screen reunion made them rethink many of their past choices. While Sienna seemed more than happy to continue pursuing Lexi, Jayme was conflicted seeing her ex chasing after another woman.

Both Sienna and Jayme were spotted having a conversation alone multiple times, with one memorable occasion where they had covered the camera. Another time, they had been caught by Lexi herself while they stood very close to each other. Many housemates thought Jayme still had feelings for Sienna, which the former vehemently denied. While Sienna tried to get closer to Lexi, she also seemed to be harboring feelings for Jayme.

After the elimination of Kalysta Mallory, Jayme decided to shift to her old room to create some distance between herself and Sienna, something that highly upset the latter. Besides, things came to a head after the exit of Tyler Hearing. While no one had to exit in the following elimination round, Sienna was distraught that she had yet to gain a right swipe from Lexi. Later, she was heard talking to Jayme behind closed doors, saying she had too many feelings for her to consider going after Lexi seriously.

As Jayme went on a date with Lexi, she was informed how others had told the bachelorette that she had feelings for Sienna. In turn, she remained firm that she was not attracted to Sienna and was only there for Lexi. The same question was also raised during the subsequent elimination, which frustrated Jayme. To clear the air, the three girls had a frank conversation in which Jayme revealed Sienna’s confession about her feelings for her. Meanwhile, the latter countered that Jayme had kissed her early in the show.

Sienna and Jayme: Dating Status Unclear

Following Lexi’s eye-opening conversation with Sienna and Jayme, the bachelorette put the latter up for elimination, feeling like the kiss was something she could not move past. While Lexi went away to deliberate over her decision, Jayme asked Sienna to leave the show with her, but the latter stated she did not trust her. However, following Jayme’s elimination, she was heard saying she wanted to leave with her.

Given Sienna’s swift elimination in the very next elimination round, fans cannot help but wonder if the two exes may have rekindled their romance. It is certainly something that their fellow cast members thought was a possibility. It does seem like the two are at least on friendly terms, as Sienna recently posted a picture with Jayme on the occasion of the latter’s 21st birthday, though it also included Rylin Utah.

From what we can gather, Sienna and Jayme seem on very good terms and often attend various events together. They can also be seen bantering in the comment sections of Instagram (like in the post above). That said, neither has shared any official updates regarding the status of their relationship with each other.

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