Barry Season 4 Episode 6 Recap: The Wizard

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HBO’s ‘Barry‘ revolves around the titular hitman turned amateur actor’s search for redemption after years of crimes. In the show’s fourth and final season, Barry seemingly finds a peaceful life with the love of his life, Sally, and their young son, John. However, the unexpected return from a figure from Barry’s past threatens to destroy his newfound happiness. As Barry returns to Los Angeles to kill Cousineau, he contemplates the implications of his actions. However, in a surprise twist, Barry finds himself in a trap, leaving question marks over his fate at the end of ‘Barry’ season 4 episode 6! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Barry Season 4 Episode 6 Recap

The sixth episode, titled ‘The Wizard,’ opens with Barry teaching Sally how to assemble a gun. However, Sally does not want to go along with Barry’s plan to murder Gene Cousineau. Barry explains that the unwanted attention from the movie Cousineau will result in their family lives being endangered. However, Sally insists Barry only wants to kill Cousineau because the latter was responsible for his arrest. Barry explains that he wants to protect their son, but Sally points out that killing is against their religious beliefs. Nonetheless, Barry leaves for Los Angeles, California, after entrusting Sally with caring for John.

Image Credit: Merrick Morton/HBO

Elsewhere, Monroe Fuches is released from prison and has completely embraced his Raven persona, complete with a series of tattoos and a makeover. Fuches starts dating a coffee shop waitress and meets NoHo Hank, who has become a successful businessman. Hank runs Nohobal, the sand business he had started with Cristobal. Hank helps Fuches and his men adjust to their new life and gives them jobs in his company. However, Fuches wants revenge on Barry and orders Hank to find his former pupil. Meanwhile, Barry listens to a religious podcast about killing and contemplates whether murdering Cousineau is a sin.

Cousineau reunites with Tom and meets with an executive from Warner Bros. However, Cousineau is unwilling to consult on the biopic based on Barry’s life. Cousineau does not want unwanted attention from the movie and tries to have the project shut down as he does not want Barry to be glorified. Barry arrives in LA and visits a gun store to purchase a pistol. He continues listening to the podcast and finds justification for his plan to kill Cousineau. Later, Cousineau visits his son, Leo, for the first time in eight years since shooting him. Barry waits outside Cousineau’s house, contemplating whether he is justified in killing his former teacher.

Back home, Sally struggles to look after John, who is depressed because of Barry’s absence. Sally gives him some liquor mixed with juice to help John fall asleep. Sally also takes a nap but wakes up to find an intruder in her house. The intruder locks Sally in her bedroom and nearly destroys her house before Sally scares him away with the gun left behind by Barry. Fuches settles into his new life and has dinner with Hank and his men. Fuches praises Hank’s business acumen but accuses Hank of killing Cristobal. However, Hank refuses to take responsibility for Cristobal’s death. An enraged Hank ends his deal with Fuches and kicks him out. Cousineau attempts to reconcile with his son with little success.

Barry Season 4 Episode 6 Ending: Where Is Barry?

In the episode’s final moments, Sally starts freaking out after her house is nearly destroyed. Just as John wakes up from his nap, Sally calls Barry and asks him to come right away. However, the call goes straight to voicemail, and Sally is unaware of Barry’s whereabouts. As Sally continues to toil in fear, we see Barry entering Cousineau’s house. For much of the episode, Barry has been deliberating whether he should kill Cousineau to stop him from making a movie that will expose Barry’s criminal past. However, unknown to Barry, Cousineau also does not want the biopic to materialize. Hence, a simple conversation with Cousineau would resolve the complex situation.

Image Credit: Merrick Morton/HBO

Ultimately, Barry enters Cousineau’s house but is quickly knocked out before he can attack his former teacher. The final scene shows Barry in a dark room as he wakes up to find Jim Moss in front of him. It seems like Moss was keeping tabs on Cousineau, and when the latter returned to Los Angeles, Moss suspected Barry might come after him. Hence, Barry is captured in an elaborate trap set by Moss. Moss is still searching for justice following his daughter, Janice Moss’ death at Barry’s hands. With Barry escaping from prison, Moss had missed the opportunity to settle the score with Barry. However, Barry is now under Moss’ thumb and has more to lose than before. Hence, it seems like the former hitman will have dark and turbulent times ahead of him.

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