9 Best Allu Arjun Movies You Must See

“Work Hard in silence, let your work do the talking”, is a phrase is definitely not best suited for Allu Arjun. His off-screen character does all the talking, which probably undermines his acting ability. He made several headlines for not many good reasons. But that is just an occupational hazard. In fact, I feel that a charismatic superstar should be flamboyant. And Allu Arjun is nothing but flamboyant. Be it with his choice of cinema or his performances. The actor is all about pushing boundaries. His passion and dedication earned him his place in the Telugu film fraternity. He stands as an example of how nepotism will only provide opportunity, but it’s hard work that keeps you on your feet in the unforgiving, ruthless profession. In an attempt to glorify a roller coaster of a career, here is  the list of top 9 Allu Arjun films that you can watch. Read on. You can watch some of these best Allu Arjun movies on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime.

9. Rudramadevi (2015)

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Rudramadevi is the first Stereoscopic 3D movie in India. It is a historic epic that released after the magnum-opus Baahubali released, which rocketed the expectations. That is probably one of the factors that outdid the movie. But the best part of the movie is Allu Arjun. He totally owns the character of Gona Ganna Reddy. Despite having limited screen time, he lights up the screen with his pure class.  He emerged as the star power and also the driving factor of the movie. The movie is not one of the best, though it was lauded for its attempt. But it deserves a mention due to the charismatic Allu Arjun.

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8.  Parugu (2008)

‘Parugu’ is about a carefree, young and flamboyant lad, who is always on the move, more like a hippie. This nature of his  justifies the title, which literally translates as “Run”. But when love strikes, he stops. He falls head-over-heals for a woman, and makes it his mission to marry her. But that is where the issues rise. The movie didn’t do well in terms of revenues, probably because it was slightly ahead of its time. The intense yet relatable emotions between characters are a stand-out in the movie. Allu Arjun’s commitment towards his part looks evident throughout the film. Presence of veteran actor Prakash Raj helps the proceedings. The way these two actors compliment each other on the screen is great to watch.

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7. Race Gurram (2014)

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Allu Arjun plays a loud, some times over-the-top boy next door in ‘Race Gurram’. That being said, he is probably one of the few actors, like Salman Khan, who can pull of such roles. The movie is all but flying cars, bouncing bodies and some highly unrealistic stunts. But one thing the movie assures is two hours of fun. It might not be sensible, subtle ore even logical. But there’s nothing wrong in setting sense aside and enjoy a movie. The film was dubbed into Hindi as ‘Lucky the Racer’ and turned out to be a popular television and internet hit. It played a vital role in expanding Arjun’s popularity across the country.

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6. Son of Satyamurthy (2015)

Trivikram Srinivas’s ‘Son of Satyamurthy’ came out with stellar star cast, from various South Indian industries. The film casts Kannada star Upendra, the versatile Prakash Raj, Telugu legend Rajendra Prasad and many other stalwarts. It is the second collaboration of the director and actor after a commercially successful ‘Julayi’. The film opened to mix reviews due to the predictability. But keeping few flaws aside, the film is a great emotional drama. The lead character’s rich father dies in an unfortunate event, leaving his family broke. How Arjun’s character recovers from his financial state and discovers him self, and his father forms the story of ‘Son of Satyamurthy’.

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5. Sarainodu (2016)

Boyapati Seenu’s ‘Sarainodu’ is all you expect a South Indian movie to be. The film has physics defying stunts, loud action and slapstick comedy. But Arjun binds the movie together with his dedicated performance. He plays a character with various shades, varying from a spirited youth, emotional family man and typical angry action hero. Arjun performs all the shades with ease and proves his worth as an actor. The scenes where hero’s muscle and mantle are glorified are the high points of the movie. Once again, the Hindi dubbed version of the movie went on to become a television hit. The youtube version of the Hindi version boosts several million hits, proving the popularity if Arjun once again.

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 4. Arya (2004)

‘Arya’ was the second attempt of Allu Arjun towards establishing himself as a successful actor in the Telugu Film Fraternity. And the Sukumar’s classic helped him in doing exactly the same. The movie shock the state with refreshing characters and great performances. The emotions of the characters are beautifully conveyed through the movie. The movie announced the arrival of two huge film personalities, maverick director Sukumar and heartthrob Allu Arjun. The movie went on to become one if the biggest hits and cemented Allu Arjun’s position in the industry for years to come.

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3. Julayi (2012)

For years before release of ‘Julayi’, Arjun had been doing roles which best suit him. A happy-go-lucky lad with some problems and bad guys around him. He faces all the threats and emerge victorious. Although this movie is no different. But what makes the movies one if the best movies of his, a director called Trivikram Srinivas. The way a common story is treated by the director makes the movie a great watch. One of the biggest traits of Trivikram is his ability to write a screenplay that entertains the audience without a second taught, and write dialogues that keep us glues to the eat. He succeeds in harnessing these traits to best use in his movie and makes it one of his, and Arjun’s best movies.

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2. Arya 2 (2009)

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Arya 2 came out into the cinemas amidst huge anticipation as it was the sequel of a blockbuster. The maker, Sukumar and Allu Arjun might till date be regretting their decision to name the movie as a sequel to a successful movie. The story if the movie had nothing to do with the first installment except for the names of the characters. The movie turned out to become a debacle at the box office because when the audience get served something other than what they expect, we tend not to digest it. But one cannot help but wonder how good the movie might’ve turned out to be if it was released as an original rather than a sequel. It increased the standard of works of all the people involved with it. The characters, the screenplay and the triangular love story among the lead actors makes the movie a great watch.

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1. Vedam (2010)

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The movie revolver around several characters with different agendas and different character graphs, who come together at a breathtaking climax. Arjun plays a small time cable operator who struggles to make ends meet. But his when necessity strikes, he has to assemble quick cash and in that quest, he turns a crook. How he discovers that bis necessity is a small sand grain in a desert and learns the larger meaning of life and humanity makes a fantastic watch. 6 other such lives are also shown in the movie along with Allu Arjun’s track. The movie is one of the most underrated movies of not only a Telugu Movies, but also the entire South Indian film Fraternity.

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