20 Best Rated R Movies of 2018

I presume that there’s no need for an explanation about what the different MPAA ratings represent. R-rated movies are clearly not meant for kids. So if you’re under 18, I recommend that you fetch guidance before you watch any of these following movies. If you are above 18, you probably know that making a good R-rated movie is not easy. Yearly, plenty of R-Rated movies come out with an excessive and tasteless usage of nudity, sexual references, abusive language, and other such entities. But that is definitely not the case with the rated R movies listed below.

These movies are quality pieces of cinematic work, which use the aforementioned “R-rated elements” in an effective and tasteful way. Finding good R-rated of movies is difficult, but thanks to the IMDb filters, I managed to assemble a total of 20 good R-rated movies which you might like, and the only way to find out is if you watch them for yourself. I hope that this list helps you to find a good R-rated movie. Remember that these movies are rated “R” only in The United States. So, let’s get started. Here is the list of top R-rated movies of 2018.

20. Upgrade (2018)

When he finds himself in the midst of the death of his wife, his near-total loss of mobility, being forced to be cared for by his mother and the police’s inability to catch the killers, Grey decides to kill himself. That’s when Eron offers to install STEM into his body with one catch, he can’t tell anyone. The chip is a miracle, allowing Grey to move again. Soon, he’s exceeding the limits he had even when he was normal. And then, STEM starts talking to him and explaining how he can get revenge.

‘Upgrade’ is a movie that continuously exceeds your expectations and challenges your assumptions. What seems like a ballistic modern fight scene is nuanced by the fact that the protagonist is no longer in control of his body, trying to hide his eyes from the violent vengeance that he is unleashing. Grey eventually comes face to face with the men who ruined his life, but even they aren’t what they seem. This constant physical and emotional conflict keeps you hooked.

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19. American Animals (2018)

It is a really interesting film that combines the very traditional documentary aesthetic with the very traditional film aesthetic that has elements of fiction as well, making it a really cool and unique film to watch. The themes are very concrete in this film. It is clearly about youth wanting to be something greater than they actually are and that idea of living in a fantasy and wanting to make something of themselves before it is too late. This is something maybe most teens would relate with, wanting something big to happen in their life that makes it feel a lot more important.

But putting yourself in serious danger for the said event is maybe where most people would stop and would start to see it as more of an act of pure stupidity and selfishness, rather than something they could genuinely think of doing. The film is funny and seemingly light-hearted at times, and at other times its really intense and shocking. The climax and ending are pure crime drama cinema at it’s best. Keoghan and Peters are both good as the leads, and the actual criminals have strong screen presence as well. It’s a near perfect movie that’s definitely worth seeing I’d say.

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18. Tully (2018)

Basically, Charlize Theron acts the heck out of this movie. The film is about a mother of two having a third child and having difficulties dealing with the stress and overwork. The husband is nice but uninvolved, the brother is nice but condescending, there is no one else to help her than a “night nanny”, a person whose job is to take care of the child while the mother gets to sleep. Polluted by scores of movies with psychotic nannies, I expected all kinds of nasty things to happen. It’s not one of those movies. In fact, in the end, a lot of the scenes that are kind of weird become clear.

I can’t tell you more without spoiling it, but I urge you to pay attention to everything, it will be satisfying in the end. Not all is rosy, though. Most of the beginning of the film is shouting and screaming children. The subject might be sensitive for people who consider having children or are in a stressful period of their lives for having made a decision one way or the other. Charlize’s acting is brilliant, the concept is great, if you don’t mind the slow pace, pounce onto this one!

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17. Blindspotting (2018)

The movie is an extremely tense, well written, thought-provoking piece of art, that has to be respected and should be seen by all. The acting is fantastic, the viewer always buys Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal as longtime friends who have an interesting dynamic. The script really helps, as their lines almost never feel forced or too preachy. Another thing that really helps elevate this movie is the music. The soundtrack is all Oakland rap and funk, which helps the viewer get sucked into the setting. The editing is also fantastic as the movie is marvelously paced, and the transitions are never distracting.

The scenes with interesting editing choices like on-screen text and zooms, it never takes the viewer out, it only enhances the experience. The ending is something that I will only say is very effective, and not say anything much about. It should definitely be experienced by everyone blindly. My only issue, that may only be specific to me, is one scene that explains the themes of the movie and the name which seemed unnecessary and kind of felt like it was looking down on the viewer. It didn’t ruin the movie for me, but it could’ve been the difference great and perfect.

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16. The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (2018)

‘The Ballad of Buster Scruggs’ is a limited television series from the Coen Brothers retooled into a six-part anthology film about the American frontier. Unlike such stories usually do, there is no mutual theme. Each tale has a rare soul that emits a newer version, a fresher version of itself. The execution is undoubtedly on the mark and armed with such meticulous script. There are few fluctuations on the nature of the layered segments, it still bodes well to the flow of the movie and never comes across any bumps. It is your typical Coen Brothers adventure that is crafted out with a sensational cast.

The performances all around are great and there are no bad performances. Highlights for me are Tim Blake Nelson, Harry Melling, and Tom Waits. The sets are fantastic, as each one is beautiful to look at and makes you feel like you are in the wild west. Although the movie does lack grit and would have benefited if shot on film instead of digital (this is a Netflix movie after all). The cinematography is pretty good too, with some absolutely beautiful shots. The music is also great, with a fantastic old-timey score by Carter Burwell, along with some great musical numbers in a style of cowboy musicals.

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15. Annihilation (2018)

Directed by and “based on a dream of his about the book”, Alex Garland (who made ‘Ex Machina’) brings us something so intensely beautiful, haunting and mesmerizing that it makes one question the decision to not release it in theaters worldwide. Featuring an almost entirely female cast, starring Nicole Portman as Lena, a cellular-biology professor, and former soldier and an ensemble piece really, with quality acting from all fronts, including Jennifer Jason Leigh in a great role.

More than a few scenes here are particularly tense, bone-chilling and memorable, and the story is ambiguous enough to make you want to see it a second time. There are some very ugly things that happen, and there’s some gruesome “body horror” for good measure. I can’t really go into the technical details as I’m not an expert, but from the direction to the screenplay, from the cinematography to the acting this is a perfect, completely solid science-fiction film The Soundtrack is also very notable and is used incredibly effectively.

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14. Beautiful Boy (2018)

‘Beautiful Boy’ is based on the real-life memoirs of father and son David and Nic Sheff. The film is well done and detailed in flashback like a form of their relationship. David, who’s a remarried successful man, loves his first son very much. The film shows the high and low points of family life as you the viewer embrace the scenes of Nic growing up and being loved. And still, you see as when he sees his original mother the feel of distance from her.

The scenes of his drug use from his passing out and nearly overdosing to the gross marks on his arm from heroin use are harrowing and blunt.  You see the pain, drama, and emotion that it causes all as this film’s message is a cause and need for hope with those that are battling the demons of addiction. The performances were both honest and raw, especially Chalamet and of course, Steve Carell. Overall, its worth a look as it does give a message of caution and recovery.

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13. Deadpool 2 (2018)

‘Deadpool’ is its own genre of movie, action-comedy-commentary, oh, and foul, really foul language, my god, it’s like over the top with the foulest of them. So though it’s an “R”, there should be a lower limit of age 14 due to language and so many massive amounts of gratuitous death and dismemberment. Seriously, there’s a portion of the public that may need trauma therapy after viewing this. Anyway, it’s a heck of a fun ride. Ryan’s snarky commentary throughout is funny but it’s uneven because he doesn’t apply it to his love scenes with Vanessa, but that’s a minor nit that’s certainly offset by so many other areas of strength. TJ Miller is always a comedic treat. And the character “Domino” makes for some entertaining moments with her super ability of “luck”.

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12. Unsane (2018)

‘Unsane’ is yet another well-struck thriller/horror-ish film that takes an original concept and bends it on its head. It’s actually amazing to me just how much better these horror/thrillers are than they were a few years back. Whether that’s because we have more of them then we used to and naturally there will be more good ones, or perhaps there’s just more care given to the making of them. Either way, I’m sure as heck enjoying the resurgence.

Some may say Steven Soderbergh’s decision to film the entire production on an iPhone may be “gimmicky” or just downright unnecessary, but they would be wrong. It’s not that the film is scarier because it looks worse, but it certainly helps that you feel like this is a more human and personal story with just a cell phone being used. The psychological side of things becomes far scarier than a simple horror jump scare. It’s these moments that make ‘Unsane’ one of the best films of the year so far.

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11. Sorry to Bother You (2018)

‘Sorry to Bother You’ attempts to give the viewers a simple world with simple messages and simple elements, repeated frequently, but not quite the same every time you see it. For example, Tessa Thompson’s character Detroit wears earrings she designs herself, and each pair is different every time you see her. More surreal, however, is Lakieth Stanfield’s Cassius Green, who carries a picture of a man posing by a car, which appears in different poses and moods according to the events that play out in the film.

The little quirks like those are what gives ‘Sorry to Bother You’ its charm. The plot is absolutely great for about the first two-thirds of the movie. The first two-thirds of the movie cover lots of modern-day troubles and even the absurdities of modern life. It is a great satire to see as Cassius Green rises to the top of society through his special gift. The movie’s last third is when the movie becomes more absurd and surreal. Despite this shift, you’ll still like the rest of the movie but it can get too weird for some more than the others.

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10. Hereditary (2018)

In a freak car accident when Charlie’s head is decapitated while Peter is driving, strange events unfold thereafter. Anne is helped by Joana member of counseling group to communicate with Charlie through séance. More ghostly events occur resulting in the finale with a shock ending. The writer-director Ari Aster directs his first feature-length film, terming the movie as tragedy turning to a nightmare rather than a horror movie. The crew shot the movie on a set stage in just 32 days. Most of the script is well-connected and aptly executed.

But Aster falters in the final run. The unconvincing ending, and similarities to ‘The Witch’ put breaks to an otherwise brilliant spooky horror flick. In the end, ‘Hereditary’ ends up being a movie that had all the potential to become a masterpiece like ‘Omen’ or ‘Shining’, fails in the end. Yet, the movie gives you enough creeps and if that’s what you’re looking for, I highly recommend this one.

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9. Suspiria (2018)

The film is full of metaphors and hidden signs and clues and thus not always easy to follow, also because of some really gruesome scenes. The acting is great. Dakota Johnson finally gets the chance to finally act and boy she did so well. The innocent but sexy and insecure yet still very self-confident character she plays is done excellently. Especially considering that it’s a character with many shades (no pun intended). She delivers a great performance and I hope she follows that path in the future. The true star of time film is Tilda Swinton, who actually plays three characters in the film. Two of them are very prominent in the film and include the male leading character. In that role, Swinton is absolutely brilliant and delivers a moving and sad performance of the grieving old man who tries to find out the secrets of the dance company.

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8. The Kindergarten Teacher (2018)

The main thing to know is that if you watch ‘The Kindergarten Teacher’, it’s not a film that will come to you in the first ten minutes. In fact, it’s all a little strange over the course of the first act, as we see Maggie Gyllenhaal’s character being bizarrely obsessed with a five-year-old boy, yet with the story presenting it as if there’s nothing abnormal about what’s going on. However, the story really does come good in the latter stages, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a boring watch early on either.

Above all, Maggie Gyllenhaal’s performance is what makes ‘The Kindergarten Teacher’ work right the way through, as she gives a down-to-earth and thoroughly convincing portrayal of a clearly kind-hearted woman, getting a little too close to her student. That is something that really intrigues you, as her character’s true nature becomes clear throughout. It’s an undoubtedly excellent performance, and Gyllenhaal gives it the ambiguity and tension that the film really needs to make its central themes work.

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7. A Star is Born (2018)

The story is familiar and predictable with the freshness delivered by Bradley Cooper’s excellent directing debut and acting, and Lady Gagas second to none vocals along with the comfort she has in her own skin. Granted she’s perhaps a little old to actually find herself in the situation she does in the movie and should have been ten-years-younger to be doing the moves and songs she does, but she still delivers on every level. In fact on occasion through the movie she appears so natural you’d believe she wasn’t acting at all.

I did find that sometimes her confidence in front of the camera removed some of the vulnerability that again a younger actress might have delivered. Whilst some of the story does leave the viewer frsutrated it only adds to the rise and fall the two leads suffer, this rise and fall is found throughout the whole movie and in the songs, it’s delicate and brutal in equal measure.

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6. Support the Girls (2018)

‘Support The Girls’ is a character-driven drama about a bunch of women surviving literally a weekday of their life. Embracing the premise like never before, Bujalski’s hands-on execution of offers the insights with a personal touch of the characters communicates throughout the course of the feature to the audience. It is a subtle take on the marginal community that we all reside in, and so is its repercussions on the audience of its higher concept, it may not be glorified for everyone.

It is a subtle take on the marginal community that we all reside in. But as much as makers distract the audience and are proud of its ingenious methodology, contrary to popular belief, it is a little louder on repetitive terms. The film, however, remains true to its story of a hard-working woman just trying to make it and delivers a good enjoyable experience. The performances complement the screenplay perfectly.

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5. The Sisters Brothers (2018)

It’s always good to discover that they still make high-quality westerns every now and then. This one has the all the classic foibles, including dark humor and a morality tale at the heart of things. It has an edgy sense of western mayhem from the very beginning. John C. Reilly gives the most compelling performance as the conscience of the two brothers, one who is eager to move on to a more honest living, while his wild-eyed, loose cannon brother, Phoenix, cannot imagine a life without crime and refuses to abide such a notion.

They play off each other quite well. Gyllenhaal and Ahmed once again work well together. And the cinematography here depicting the American West is truly exceptional. This film’s modest approach and low-key style will not win everyone over but it’s still a gripping, old-school tale that will leave a haunting mark, long after the final frame.

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4. Mid90s (2018)

Jonah Hill never struck me as the type of actor to transition into directing, nor does Mid90s exactly sound like first movie material for him as a director. Alas, it’s one of the best films of the year and one that does so much with a very simple premise. The incredibly talented Sunny Suljic, from ‘The Killing of a Sacred Deer’ fame, stars as Stevie, a 13-year-old who experiences drugs, sex, alcohol, and a summer of skateboarding as he navigates home life and everyday troubles in the streets of LA.

Evidently inspired by Hill’s childhood, ‘Mid90s’ may very well be the most earnest film of the year, in which every word and visual seems entirely authentic. Something that even the best of directors struggle to capture. It doesn’t have a vast story with dense characters, instead, it’s a slice of life drama about young boys doing their darndest to have fun over the course of a summer. That’s all you need sometimes.

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3. BlacKkKlansman (2018)

‘Blackkklansman’ is a biographical movie directed by Spike Lee. The movie stars John David Washington and Adam Driver as police defectives in Colorado Springs. The two investigate the Ku Klux Klan chapter in Colorado Springs. Eventually, the detectives discover a dangerous plan they must thwart. The movie relies heavily on John David Washington as Ron Stallworth and Adam Driver as Flip Zimmerman. This is a good thing, as these leads provide a great focal point for the movie. I enjoyed any scene that these two actors were in.

Adam Driver is becoming a master class actor as he is able to play many roles. The story of Blackkklansman is engrossing. Watching the police infiltration of the Ku Klux Klan and Ron Stallworth ascending the ranks is exciting. Even the police dynamic with the real Ron Stallworth and the Colorado Springs police department is fun to watch. The movie’s plot and pacing are not without problems.

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2. Private Life (2018)

Writer and director Tamara Jenkins lay bare the emotional complexities that come in this day and age with trying to get pregnant. More options than ever before are available to aspiring parents, from adoption to artificial insemination to egg donors. But as shown in this movie, these options don’t bring a sense of hope to those going through them. Rather, they reduce parenthood to a slog of doctors appointments, false starts, medical procedures, and disappointed expectations and can come close to ruining relationships. The relationships between all characters are what drives the story. In the end, this is just a look into the lives of a couple who are struggling immensely with infertility. It’s a snapshot of what their lives have become now.

The ending scene, where they sit in an Applebee’s several states over, waiting for a donor who will probably never show up (yet again) further drives this home. There’s no happy ending or message in here. This is just a story that starts and ends in the middle. Don’t watch this expecting gut-busting laughs, or a happy ending, don’t watch this if you “adore New York” and then complain that it takes place mostly in an apartment. This isn’t about New York, it’s about infertility.

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1. Eighth Grade (2018)

This is a very honest and real depiction of life in the Instagram era, a coming of age story set in a time where there are more external influences on growing up than ever, following the life of Kayla, an eighth-grader stuck in between being true to herself and trying to fit in. It can be a tough watch at times witnessing the struggle of some of the situations she finds herself in, and at others, you are literally cheering for her triumphs. Fischer does a great job in this movie — she gives an almost Oscar-worthy performance.  There are some intense scenes in this movie. But as soon as these scenes start getting interesting the movie jumps to a new scene or starts talking about her YouTube videos. I have seen a lot of movies where they use music to express the protagonist’s emotions but this film takes that to a whole new level.

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