Bryce Saltmarsh From Too Hot to Handle: All We Know About the Star

Image Credit: Bryce Saltmarsh/Instagram

Almost every person who has been a part of Netflix’s ‘Too Hot to Handle‘ has developed their own fanbase thanks to their on-screen performance. Bryce Saltmarsh from the fifth season of the dating series certainly proved this as soon as he became a part of the social experiment. Given the already intriguing premise of the show and his innate charisma, it is no wonder that this reality TV star has people on the edge of their seats when it comes to learning everything about him. Luckily, we are here to share what we know about the same!

Bryce Saltmarsh: A Glimpse into His Australian Nationality

Bryce Saltmarsh hails from Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, and was 22-years-old when he participated in the Netflix production. Given that he has not shared much about his personal life publically, not a lot is known about his family, though many believe that he may be of mixed ethnicity. However, the reality TV star’s one constant companion in life in his younger years was his beautiful dog Ruby who unfortunately passed away in June 2023. The loss was something he mourned heavily and still does to this day, given the numerous fond memories that Bryce had with his furry best friend.

More often than not, Bryce enjoys the company of his friends and family, who believe that he has a great personality. The fact that he highly resembles actor Channing Tatum is also something that often attracts people to him. Additionally, Bryce is quite a fitness enthusiast who can often be spotted at the gym. His dedication to the same has earned him many compliments, and the reality TV star himself seems quite proud of his body.

Bryce Saltmarsh’s Profession

By profession, Bryce is a model who is, as of writing, affiliated with Vivien’s Models. Established in the 1960s, Vivien’s Model Management is primarily based in Australia and has a very attractive portfolio of the Netflix star while also describing his physical attributes. Given his fondness for fitness, it is no wonder that Bryce often posts gym videos on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, where he has over 8.6K and 9.3K followers, respectively. His appearance in ‘Too Hot to Handle’ has also boosted his popularity significantly, and his fans are hopeful to see him in more and more entertainment projects in the future.

Bryce Saltmarsh’s Dating Life

When Bryce entered the Netflix show, he confidently stated that his success rate when it came to capturing the attention of women was flawless. The model ended up choosing Elys Hutchinson as his date when he entered the show, which was certainly tempting for her. After all, Elys admitted that she often found herself attracted to Australian guys, the more attractive, the better. Throughout their date, Elys did seem to be enjoying herself, making many people wonder if something might start between the two.

Ultimately, Elys chose to remain coupled with Alex Snell, much to Bryce’s disappointment. However, that is not to say that his romantic prospects were over in the show, given the interested glances that he earned from Megan Thompson. Since he has remained tight-lipped about the same, whether or not anything came out of this particular pairing remains to be seen. Moreover, Bryce has not shared any updates regarding his love life, making fans wonder just what might be going on. Nevertheless, we hope that the reality TV star is able to find success both in his personal and professional ventures.

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