OWN’s Christmas of Yes: Filming Locations and Cast Details Explored

OWN’s ‘Christmas of Yes’ is a Christmas romantic comedy film that centers upon Amy Bell, a workaholic who is fixated on her work and doesn’t have time for anything else in her life. Due to this, she ends up turning down party invitations, refuses to go on vacations to relax with friends, and even says “no” to eligible bachelors who ask her out on dates. However, in an unexpected turn of events, she loses her job at Christmas.

Feeling demotivated and down on her luck, Amy is challenged by her free-wheeling brother to say “yes” to everything she used to say “no” to. When this challenge leads her right to Nico, she starts perceiving life differently and falls in love. The Rhonda Baraka directorial takes place in various locations, the residences of Amy and Nico, Amy’s workplace, and the improv show where Amy meets Nico, making the viewers eager to learn all about the shooting locations of ‘Christmas of Yes.’

Where Was Christmas of Yes Filmed?

‘Christmas of Yes’ was filmed in its entirety in the Canadian province of Alberta, specifically in and around Calgary. According to reports, production on the holiday film got underway in June 2023 and wrapped up in less than a month, in early July of the same year. So, let’s traverse through all the specific sites that served as production locations in the OWN production!

Calgary, Alberta

The city of Calgary and the surrounding areas were utilized by the filming unit for the production of ‘Christmas of Yes.’ Located at the confluence of the Bow River and the Elbow River in the southwest region of the province, Calgary is considered one of the favorite locations in the eyes of many filmmakers, national as well as international, as it is home to many talented and award-winning crews, impressive infrastructure, globally competitive incentives, and versatile location.

From the looks of it, the cast and crew members took over a number of establishments across the city to lens several pivotal sequences for the rom-com. For instance, the scenes set in Amy’s workplace were recorded in and around the Full Blast Creative office at 1240 20 Avenue Southeast Suite 113 in Calgary. However, it is a possibility that a few interior scenes were taped in a sound stage of one of the film studios located in and around Calgary, such as Rocky Mountain Film Studio, JR Studio, and Fortress Studio. As for the exterior portions of ‘Christmas of Yes,’ they were recorded outdoors in different streets and neighborhoods against suitable backdrops.

Since the skyline of Calgary consists of some prominent buildings and local landmarks, you are likely to spot a few attractions in the backdrop, including Olympic Plaza, the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) Heritage Hall, the Calgary Tower, National Music Centre, Calgary Telus Convention Centre, and the Calgary Public Library. Over the years, there have been many other Christmas film projects that feature the locales of Calgary in the background. Some of the notable ones are ‘Holiday in Handcuffs,’ ‘Crashing Through the Snow,’ ‘A Snow Globe Christmas,’ ‘Meet Me at Christmas,’ and ‘Winter in Vail.’

Christmas of Yes Cast

In ‘Christmas of Yes,’ Michele Weaver plays the role of Amy Bell, someone who is an expert at saying “no.” Making a mark with a couple of short films ‘Diana Leigh’ and ‘Daughters of Eve,’ Michele went on to bag some key roles in several movies and TV shows. Many of you might recognize her as Brianne in ‘Superpowerless,’ Faren in ‘Illicit,’ Luly Perry in ‘Council of Dads,’ and Akira in ‘Real Husbands of Hollywood.’

On the other hand, donning the garb of Nico, the love interest of Amy, is Jeff Pierre. You might find his face familiar because he has been featured in a number of projects over the course of his acting career. He stars in ‘Tomboy,’ ‘So Close,’ ‘Jarhead: Law of Return,’ ‘Beyond,’ ‘Walker,’ and ‘Shameless.’ Besides the two lead actors, the OWN film also consists of several actors in supporting roles, including Ian Collins as Phil, Louis Lay as Jacques, Karen Holness as Winnie, Tenika Davis as Zuri, Jaylee Hamidi as Robin, and Catherine Lough Haggquist as Grace. Moreover, Dallas Soonias and Nancy Ngo feature in a few scenes as well.

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