Couples Therapy Season 3: Where Are They Now? Who Are Still Together?

As a docuseries that follows diverse real-life partners as they hope to better their strained relationships with professional help, Showtime’s ‘Couples Therapy‘ is as incredibly human as it is fascinating. That’s because it stays true to its title by offering us an unflinching, visceral look into the realities of weekly counseling, with renowned psychoanalyst Dr. Orna Guralnik at the front and center. So now that we know the way it shines a light upon the importance of trust as well as communication in any bond, let’s take a look at how the four couples from season 3 are faring today, shall we?

Where Are Ping and Will Now?

Ping and Will had started their involvement seven years ago under the mutual accord of it being open, yet its shifting parameters became the reason they found themselves on the verge of separation. The former claimed that while her husband urged her to avoid certain acts like cuddling or going on walks with her companions, he had no problem cutting her off while he was out, which chafed her to no extent. She actually needed reassurance quite often due to their equation as well as her severe abandonment issues, but she never really felt heard or seen, let alone happy, with him.

On the flip side, though, not only was Will frustrated since he felt like he always fell short in pleasing Ping no matter how hard he tried, but the New Yorker was also frequently berated by her. The fact they weren’t on the same page was evident as soon as she told him to stop “whining” when he attempted to talk about his feelings during the sessions, and it did not cohesively improve. Therefore, by the end, Ping and Will had agreed on something for the first and last time in months; their marriage couldn’t be saved, suggesting they are no longer together.

Where Are Molly and Josh Now?

Having been together for 19 years, Molly and Josh had essentially faced every challenge in the handbook, whether it be a lack of spark, infidelity (from both sides), or a sense of resentment. However, even in their stark differences of her wanting to talk things out and him simply wishing for the long-ago matters to be dropped for good, they always chose to stick by one another. This aspect of togetherness didn’t waver an inch during their counseling in spite of other uncertainties, which is why they were able to work through their problems separately and as a couple.

There were a lot of ups and downs, tears, arguments, as well as inconsistent behaviors for Molly and Josh, yet they managed to make it work. “This is our story. What am I gonna say? I love our story,” the latter revealed at one point, indicating he would never change a single thing about them. Thus, we’re happy to report that it appears as if the New York residents have maintained their progress to continue their romance for as long as possible.

Where Are India and Dale Now?

India and Dale seemed like an idyllic couple from the outside, considering they’d been involved for eight years and had an 11-month-old child, yet they had problems too. Their inability to spend quality time together following the birth of their baby, her expressions of anger, and insecurity were all a part of the reason they’d decided to take therapy. It was mentally as well as physically exhausting for them, but they were determined to make it through.

“We were in an argument,” Dale stated in a session, “and India said to me, ‘That’s why I didn’t want to have a baby with you'” — hurtful words to shut down any fight. With that said, they both gradually learned to control their tongues while still conveying their actual feelings, leading to significant growth within a short period, which they have kept up. In other words, it seems like the undeniably in love duo is still blissfully together, presently focused on building a stable home for their family in New York.

Where Are Cyn and Yaya Now?

Time took its expected toll on Cyn and Yaya’s relationship after 18 years, meaning their issue was the loss of spark as well as attraction between them, especially from the former’s side. “I’m not attracted to you right now,” Cyn told her wife at one point before it came to light that it was likely because she’d started looking at her as a mother figure owing to her sweet nature. There was also her past sexual trauma and their several arguments to complicate matters, yet she and Yaya remained true to one another.

Cyn and Yaya were questioning their decision to lead a monogamous life as they stepped into counseling, but as time passed, they were able to grow intimate with each other again. The secret — having open conversations, fighting for their bond, staying empathetic, and offering trust without judgment. Therefore, from what we can tell, yes, the loved-up couple is still together and continuing their healing process in New York.

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