Dated and Related Season 1: Which Couples Are Still Together?

As a Netflix original that puts an undeniably unique spin on the long-established, well-loved genre of reality romances, ‘Dated and Related‘ truly surpasses all expectations of sheer entertainment. That’s because it centers around a group of sibling duos hoping to find the ideal partner for one another, which makes the entire process not only awkwardly chaotic but also entirely heartening. So now, since season 1 has landed on our screens to give us an intimate insight into the way things can (and do) play out, let’s find out the current standing of its prominent couples, shall we?

Are Diana Parsijani and Kaz Bishop Still Together?

Apart from being one half of a set of twins, residing in London, and having an immediate attraction toward each other, Diana and Kaz honestly did not seem to have much in common initially. In fact, their introductory confessionals painted them to be incompatible because while she admittedly falls quickly, he claimed to be a player who refused to settle down unless the girl was “different.” However, following a bit of drama and the realization they were already invested within the first couple of days, they got together and didn’t waiver, no matter the challenges or outside noise.

Diana and Kaz thus shared their “I love you’s” before he officially asked her to be his girlfriend during their stint on the series itself (episode 8), which just pushed them upward and onwards. The fact they even won the $100,000 grand prize further speaks volumes of their romance; hence, we’re glad to report that it appears as if the firefighter and the jewelry specialist could still be together. The London residents actually haven’t confirmed or denied anything as of writing, yet their continued connection through social media does seem to be a clear indication, as seen above.

Are Nina Parsijani and Daniel Perfetto Still Together?

While Nina was initially involved with her twin’s partner’s twin Keiran Bishop, Daniel approached Corrina Roppo soon after he stepped foot into the luxurious South of France villa in episode 3. However, almost as soon as the door on the former was closed for good, he realized he and Nina had an indisputable spark, driving him to have an honest conversation with Corrina after his sister Julia’s approval. Thus began Nina and Daniel’s outrightly secure relationship, filled with mutual respect, understanding, patience, loyalty, space, as well as attraction in every sense of the term.

Coming to their current status, neither the London-based jewelry specialist nor the Ontario, Canada-based client care specialist has explicitly opened up regarding their relationship as of writing. Yet, since they do actively follow one another on online platforms and even appear to stay in touch through likes and comments, as seen above, they are at least still on great terms at the moment. It is honestly our optimistic belief that public figure Nina and fitness buff Daniel have continued their long-distance romance, especially considering everything they went through in the Netflix production.

Are Alara Taneri and Kieran Bishop Still Together?

It was Cyprus native Alara Taneri’s (alongside her elder brother Ceylan’s) addition in episode 3 that originally flared trouble between Kieran and Nina, only for it to soon snowball into much more. Nevertheless, it clearly worked out well for them both because while Nina got with Daniel, Kieran found a true partner in Alara — someone who matched his energy as well as humor in every way imaginable. Their connection frankly comprised a lot of banter, charm, honest communication, patience, and fun despite their nearly 8-year age gap, making their castmates think they were truly made for each other.

Therefore, we’re happy to inform you that it looks like Alara and Kieran are still, at least, on amicable terms — they not only follow each other on Instagram but also stay in touch with the siblings. Like the rest of the finalist couples mentioned above, neither the fashion designer nor the banking consultant has revealed their present standing, yet the fact they’re both based in London does seem like a good sign. After all, with no long-distance or extensive worries over scheduling/timing issues, it’s entirely possible they’ve maintained and evolved their deep bond in the year since filming wrapped.

Are Julia Perfetto and Joey Roppo Still Together?

There was instant attraction the moment Julia and Joey first came across one another, but their similar shy nature, the latter’s bromance with her brother, and her own expectations did cause trouble. That’s because she didn’t mind when Will Wade confidently approached her and decided to move on, only to soon realize she had made a mistake before returning to Joey with a sincere apology.

Julia and Joey then appeared to have been doing well, yet their spark naturally fizzled out over time owing to everything that’d transpired, meaning they left the villa single (without any bad blood). In fact, from what we can tell, they remain on good terms to this day as the Los Angeles resident is still close to Daniel, whereas the Ontario native is quite close to his sister Corrina as well.

Are Corrina Roppo and Andy Foster Still Together?

Corrina and Andy obviously began their connection in the last leg of ‘Dated and Related’ since he was the final cast member to join the villa alongside his younger sister Rachel in episode 7. They actually didn’t have any drama or trouble between them in the time they spent together, but they also didn’t get that intrinsically romantic feeling towards each other.

Andy genuinely thought Corrina was “perfect” and that she deserved someone a lot more like her, especially as they didn’t share some of her crucial core values. They’d thus declared their mutual decision to stay friends (in the most respectful way imaginable), so it’s no surprise they’ve platonically stayed in touch and continue to support one another from afar.

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