Deep Fake Love: Where Are The Couples Now? Who Are Still Together?

Hosted by Raquel Sánchez-Silva, Netflix’s ‘Deep Fake Love,’ AKA ‘Falso Amor,’ is a Spanish dating series that makes use of the Deep Fake technology to truly test just how much the participants know about their significant others. Given the premise of the experiment, the featured couples in season 1 certainly went through a hard time during their time apart, which has made many of the fans curious if they are still together.

Isa and Rubén’s Relationship Status is a Mystery

We are starting off with Isabel “Isa” Bermejo and Rubén Correia, who ended up being the only couple among the top four who mutually agreed that their love was real. Additionally, they were among the three winning pairs who won the whole experiment. As of writing, neither has shared any update regarding whether they are still in a relationship or not. However, their continued presence in each other’s social media feeds does give us confidence that, if nothing else, the two are still on amicable terms. Presently, Ruben works as a Personal Trainer and seems to love traveling as much as Isa, who also seems to be doing in her life.

Paula and Javi Have Yet to Share Any Update

For Paula Di Martino and Javi Ramón, their on-screen reunion was certainly not a joyous one. After learning just what was real and what was fake, JAvi still declared that he felt their love was true. However, Paula seemed to disagree, leading to their apparent separation. That being said, the two did end up winning the Netflix competition in a three-way tie, which certainly seemed to have lifted up their spirits.

Even though neither Paula nor Javi have shared any news about their romantic lives, we are inclined to believe they are at least on amicable terms. This partially stems from the fact that the two are still a significant part of each other’s online presence. Presently based in Valencia, Spain, Javi seems to be active in the world of fitness, travel, and menswear. Interstingly, Paula is also based in the same area and seems to be enjoying life to the fullest in the company of her loved ones.

Gabriela and Ángel’s Relationship Status is Unclear

Up next, we have Gabriela Fdez de Bobadilla and Ángel Santiago, whose on-screen journey was full of many ups and downs. The explosive nature of their reunion and the revelations that the two were faced with certainly made them the subject of attention for the viewers. In the end, while Ángel deemed their love to be real, Gabriela was quite empathetic in her denial of the same. Despite their tumultuous story, the pair did become one of the three winning couples of the show.

As of writing, Gabriela and Ángel have not shared any news regarding their romantic lives. Both of them do seem to still be a part of each other’s online world and follow each other on Instagram. It is possible that they may have at least reached amicable terms though any news of their reconciliation has not surfaced. Gabriela is a talented Economist who is also known for her modeling prowess. Similarly, Ángel also seems to be active as a model and fashion enthusiast.

Aida and Manuel Have Possibly Parted Ways

For Aida Vila and Manuel Delgado, the Netflix experience was certainly not an easy one. Among the featured five couples, they were the only pair where both partners declared that they felt their love was fake. While Manuel was highly hurt about Aida’s physical intimacy with Torress, she was also furious with his words about her, along with him paying attention to not one but two different girls and kissing them. They were also the only couple among the top 4 who did not take home the win.

Presently, neither Aida nor Manuel has shared any news regarding their romantic lives. Given that the two do not follow each other on social media anymore and also seem absent from the feeds of their on-screen partners, it is possible that they may have closed doors on this particular relationship for good. Presently, Manuel is based in Granada, Spain, while Aida is seemingly located in Alicante, Spain.

Alejandro and Ramón Are Likely Still Together

Even though Alejandro Calvo and Ramón Pit stepped away from the competition earlier than expected, their mutual belief in their love for each other earned them many fans. This came after the former stated that he wanted to step away from the experiment and reunite with his partner. Though Ramón was certainly hurt by the kisses that Alejandro had shared with Jesus, the two did reconcile and seemed open to continuing their relationship.

As of writing, neither Alejandro nor Ramón has shared any news regarding a possible continuation of their relationship. Even though the two don’t follow each other on Instagram, they are still a part of each other’s social media feeds. Their continued presence in each other’s online life, combined with their recent sightings in nearby locations of Southern Spain, might just be an indication that the two are still together.

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