Dexter: New Blood Episode 6 Recap and Ending, Explained

One of the most interesting things about both ‘Dexter’ and the revival series is how they mix dark humor with murder-mystery elements, often through the eponymous character’s (Michael C. Hall) narration. In episode 6, titled ‘Too Many Tuna Sandwiches,’ this aspect is enunciated when Dexter reflects on his current predicament and says he feels “little butchery” after listening to Molly’s podcast about the Bay Harbor Butcher. With Angela (Julia Jones) finding out his real identity, the inevitable conversation comes between the two characters, and as always, Dexter hides his secrets amidst half-truths. Believing that Molly (Jamie Chung) told Angela who he is, Dexter began tracking her. Meanwhile, Kurt (Clancy Brown) also sets his eyes on Molly. And Harrison (Jack Alcott) lets his Dark Stranger out in public. Here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Dexter: New Blood.’ SPOILERS AHEAD.

Dexter: New Blood Episode 6 Recap

Episode 6 begins as Dexter is pleasantly surprised, seeing how much his son is being helpful around the house. Initially, he thinks it’s because of the therapy but soon learns that Harrison didn’t even go to what would have been his first session. Harrison doesn’t tell him that he was trying to leave the town. Instead, he informs his father about Kurt offering him a job. With Dexter having killed Kurt’s son Matt, he has reservations about letting his own son work with the other man. So, he declines to sign the consent form to allow Harrison, a minor, to work for Kurt. However, Harrison still proceeds to accept the job.

Meanwhile, Kurt seethes after Chloe’s botched-up killing. He initially targets another young runaway but soon finds out that she is traveling with her boyfriend. When Molly begins questioning him about Matt, he impulsively decides to make her his next victim.

Elsewhere, Angela lets Dexter know she has found out who he is in a scene similar to the one she was introduced in the series. Dexter once more treads the line between falsehood and truth as he looks back into his past and tells Angela about Rita and Debra. He goes to therapy with Harrison and is evasive as ever about how he feels about the deaths of the women in his life. This ends up only infuriating Harrison.

Later, as Dexter begins stalking Molly, he discovers that Kurt has taken her to his remote cabin, and they have entered the basement together. It doesn’t take him long to figure out that Kurt is the serial killer that Angela is after. For a moment or two, Dexter weighs his options of whether or not to save Molly and eventually settles on the latter. He gets to look around the killing space of his next prospective victim as he enters the basement after them.

Late one night, Harrison shows up in Audrey’s room and confesses that he gets incessant urges about hurting others. Audrey responds that she can relate and tells him about her biological mother’s abandonment and her father’s death. They end up having sex and are discovered by Angela in the morning. After dropping Molly off, Dexter heads to his son’s wrestling match, during which Harrison break’s his opponent’s arm.

Dexter: New Blood Episode 6: What Does Angela Find in the Cave? Who Is Iris?

As Dexter saves Molly from Kurt and later attends the wrestling match, Angela ventures into the secluded caves with Teddy. After finding out that Kurt is lying to them about Matt’s whereabouts, Angela deduces that Kurt must have killed his son by accident and is now hiding the fact by pretending that he is alive. She visits the caves looking for Matt’s body but finds something else she has been searching for.

Angela and Teddy locate a small entrance that seems to have been deliberately covered by rocks. They remove the rocks and find a tunnel that leads to another big cave. There, hidden underneath the rocks, is the body of Angela’s closest friend Iris. Angela recognizes her by the bracelet, which is still around the dead girl’s wrist.

Iris went missing when both she and Angela were teenagers. Noticing that other girls of similar age and background had gone missing in and around Iron Lake, Angela started to think there was a predator in her town and started investigating on her own. After Molly discovered that one of the missing girls was still alive, Angela hoped that Iris was also out there somewhere. But her discovery in the caves reveals to her that confirmed her initial suspicion. Her friend was murdered. She reaches out to “Jim,” tells him that she needs Dexter Morgan, implying that she needs Dexter’s forensic skills to find out who killed her friend.

Why Does Harrison Break His Opponent’s Arm During the Wrestling Match?

Right before the wrestling match between Harrison and his opponent, both Dexter and Kurt arrive, with the latter fuming after missing yet another opportunity to kill. Kurt, serving as the unofficial assistant coach of the team, channels all that pent-up vileness into riling up Harrison.


As he is struggling to bring his own Dark Passenger under control, Harrison becomes easily susceptible to manipulation. When the other wrestler headbutts him, it gives him an excuse to unleash his fury. And Harrison does exactly that. Even though his opponent taps out, Harrison doesn’t stop and breaks the other boy’s arm. Sitting in the spectator’s stand, Dexter watches horrified as his son exposes his Dark Passenger to the world.

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