Did Sarah Rafferty’s Donna Leave Suits?

People who watch the thrilling legal dramaSuits‘ will be pretty familiar with Sarah Rafferty, who essays Donna Paulsen. The show introduces the latter as Harvey Spectre’s secretary while teasing the idea of a romantic history between them. However, fans were utterly shocked when a sudden rumor claimed the producers were trying to write Donna off the show. Besides, some viewers even wondered if the departure meant the end of the road for Sarah. Well, with fans now eager to know more, let’s jump in and find out if the actress left ‘Suits,’ shall we?

What Happened to Donna Paulsen?

Season 9 of ‘Suits’ gave fans what they wanted as Donna and Harvey get together in the very first episode. It is also interesting to witness them break the news to Louis Litt, who appears to be supportive. In fact, most law firm members get on board with their relationship, bar Faye Richardson, who insists that Donna will lose her vote on the board if she does not break up with Harvey as it poses a conflict of interest. Yet, all four name partners eventually ignore the conflict of interest, and Faye has no option but to give up her stance.

The rest of the season follows Harvey and Donna as they gradually build their relationship and improve life for the people around them. She helps him when he faces off against his former mentee, Mike Ross, and even advises him on how to deal with Faye and her interests. Eventually, in the season finale, Harvey decides to propose, and Donna immediately gives her consent. Hence, the couple gets married on the spot and decides to move to Seattle to help Mike and Rachel with their new clinic. Thus, the show teases a new beginning for Donna and Harvey as they leave their old law firm for good.

Did Sarah Rafferty Leave Suits?

No, we can confirm that Sarah Rafferty is a primary cast member on season 9 of ‘Suits,’ and is on the show until the series finale. While the rumors claimed that she might leave the show prematurely, we cannot blame viewers for believing in the same as Gina Torres (Jessica Pearson) left the same way in the middle of season six. Moreover, throughout season 9, we see Donna prioritizing her relationship with Harvey over everything else, and she even contemplates leaving the firm early just so she can keep seeing her beloved, which could have led to the assumptions.

Nevertheless, we can confirm that the rumors are entirely false, as Sarah Rafferty is present on the show until the final episode. Besides, neither the actress nor the network addressed the assumptions, proving they were utterly baseless. Not just that, following the end of ‘Suits,’ Sarah became involved in several other projects, a notable few being ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘ and ‘Chicago Med.’ She also essays Dr. Katherine Walter in the upcoming drama series ‘My Life with the Walter Boys,’ we wish the actress the best for her future.

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