Do Adler and Scarecrow Die in Lost in Space Season 3?

‘Lost in Space’ follows the frantic adventure of the Robinson family and their fellow settlers as they try to find their way back to the human colony in Alpha Centauri. Over the course of the sci-fi series, we learn how humans gained the ability for advanced interstellar travel by secretly harnessing alien technology. At the center of the scheme, which is revealed in season 2, are Ben Adler and Scarecrow, who are actually responsible for guiding the Resolute.

From initially being enemies, the dynamic between the two takes a surprising turn which seemingly ends in tragedy. However, the repercussions of their actions continue to reverberate through season 3. So what are the fates of Ben Adler and Scarecrow at the end of ‘Lost in Space’? Let’s find out. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Do Ben Adler and Scarecrow Die in Lost in Space?

Ben Adler is revealed to be one of the first humans who discovered the alien ship that crashed on Earth. Subsequently, as the Deputy Director of Advanced Systems, he takes charge of the ship’s Alien Engine and oversees its use to propel the Resolute. As he later reveals to the Robinsons, Adler and his colleague, Hastings, capture one of the Alien Robots (Scarecrow) and use him to control the Alien Engine aboard the Resolute.

Near the end of season 2, after failing to force Scarecrow to navigate the Resolute again, they store the dying robot in a secure room. Adler initially tries to interrupt Will and the Robinsons’ plans to rescue Scarecrow, but then has a change of heart when Robot pleads to him to help save Scarecrow’s life. Thus, in his final moments, Adler embarks on a mission to save the robot he has held captive for so long.

When they land on the Amber Planet, Adler carries Scarecrow into a lightning storm but gets trapped and subsequently dies. However, he goes in with the knowledge that he might not survive and leaves Will with a message for his children. When the young Robinson eventually arrives on Alpha Centauri, he informs Adler’s children that their father was a hero and that he was one of the few people that had an Alien Robot (Scarecrow) as a friend.

So, Ben Adler dies on the Amber Planet but helps Scarecrow survive. The latter helps the humans in their fight against the robots and is eventually rescued by the Robinsons, who find themselves stranded on the Amber planet as well. Soon after, Scarecrow helps the humans in a heist to steal an Alien Engine from SAR but gets captured. He is eventually tortured and killed by SAR but manages to send a final message to Will, warning him of the villainous Alien Robot’s intention to attack the human camp.

Much like Adler, Scarecrow goes through a change of heart and eventually sides with the humans. Interestingly, Adler is convinced by (Will’s) Robot to change his ways, while Scarecrow is inspired to help humanity by observing Will’s character. Hence, the Robot-human duo of Adler and Scarecrow depicts an interesting facet of the relation between the two species and shows how both sides have characters that can redeem themselves. As you might have guessed, Scarecrow’s name is a reference to the character from ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and is bestowed on him tauntingly by Hastings.

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